Bomberman coming to DSiWare "Ever since Bomberman's creation he has invaded to almost every single platform imaginable. While Bomberman has already hit the Nintendo DS, he now has his eyes set on conquering the DSiWare space as well. Currently there is only a announce date for Japan which is October. We do get to know how much it will cost via their release though, which will be 500points ($5)."

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SpoonyRedMage2957d ago

Awesome. Games are getting better and better. Thanks Hudson!

KeenanTheSavage2956d ago

I know, and that's saying a lot because what's been coming out on it lately has been pretty good. :)

SpoonyRedMage2956d ago

Yes, we now have quite a few awesome downloads but Japan has loads and loads and loads. Including Dragon Quest Wars and the cursed game from Nanashi No Game from Square Enix!