Final Fantasy XIII and Versus Trailers rock Square Enix Party

New trailers were shown for both games.

"After the logo for Fabula Nova Crystallis--the overarching name for all Final Fantasy XII games--flashed on the screen, a new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII began. The trailer featured a woman named Lightning as she dispatched a series of opponents without breaking a virtual sweat. Afterwards, she summoned a spirit--who looks like a biomechanical version of the Indian deity Shiva--from a crystal, before the trailer ended with a giant PlayStation 3 logo.

Then came a trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the PS3 action game set in FFXIII same universe. It showed a hero sporting one of the series' trademark ornate coifs cutting through a throng of soldiers with a gigantic sword, aided by some complex martial arts moves. To the strains of melancholy music, he teleported amongst his opponents, avoiding rocket-propelled grenades and gunfire. As he finally emerged in a throne room to face off against a new opponent, the screen faded to the Final Fantasy Versus XIII logo."

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wildcat4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

**Leaked images and video please :P**

DADO4234d ago

FF will be an excellent game. It looks like it is safe to say that FF XIII is a PS3 exclusive but FF versus may not be because they did not have the PS3 screen at the end.

Cartesian3D4234d ago

oh yeah. Im cumming...oh yEAH.

Observer4234d ago

... seems to be Squeenix's definitive response to Devil May Cry.

If they manage to keep Versus an exclusive, and if it's good as the description in the GameSpot article, Sony will be in a good spot concerning action games. A PS3 God of War game + FFXIII versus would guarantee the PS3 to get out of it's current misery.

shysun4234d ago

Yeah SE games are like crack for me.I put in over 150 hours in FF12 and that was the first single player FF I ever bought. I'm hooked.....did they give a release date?

Watkins4234d ago

SOMEONE must've taped it! Come ooon

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