Audio Interview with Shane Kim talk with Shane Kim at the Halo 3 Beta Event on Microsft Game Studios.

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nice_cuppa4210d ago

get your coat and get out !

if you cant play nice we dont want you here !

p.s. halo flippin rules ! puw puw (laser guns !)

sjappie4210d ago

this seems to be another dissapointment in the graphics departement.

MoonDust4210d ago

Take a look at the first H3 trailer, that's what the game will look like.

Lygre4210d ago

This is news about an interview with a guy who talks about the Halo 3 beta. It's an audio file, no video, no graphics what so ever. And even so, people must ALWAYS come and say "meh, graphics looks like Halo 2, it's gonna suck"

When did graphics make a game? Was it because of the graphics in Halo 1 that made it sell millions? No.

Was it the graphics in Halo 2 that made it sell even more than Halo 1? No.

Will it be the graphics in Halo 3 that will make it sell probably a-freakin-lot? Erm...Nope! It's the gameplay that it's all about.

I hate guys who see a video and go "boo hoo, the graphics doesn't look like Gears!"

Stop complaining! You've got nothing to complain about!

PhinneousD4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

this comment is idiotic. thought you should know.

gta_cb4209d ago

thats a stupid comment as you know its only a beta, and theres like a half year left before it comes out, so with that in mind dont you think there going to make the graphics better?

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power of Green 4210d ago

I bought a used copy of CrackDown i can't find anything about the Halo 3 betta but in the menu in the downloads section the Halo 3 betta is there, will i be able to play it whats on the box that people say is there?.

iceice1234210d ago

If there's an option to download the beta you're in.

power of Green 4210d ago

Thanks you're right!, i just called game crazzy they told me the same thing i was worried.

gta_cb4209d ago

i brought crackdown for crackdown, its a good game and extremely fun online (Co-Op) but i spose there will be news of people trading in there crackdown games when the beta is over =( ... i wont be one of them.