Digital Battle: Raven Squad Review

Digital Battle writes: "Lots of FPS titles tout "strategy elements" in order to differentiate themselves from the myriad of other similar games. Raven Squad is one of those titles, however, the promise of "strategy" is quickly overshadowed by just how bad this game is. Granted, it has some strategic elements in form of a top-down view, the rest however, is so bad, it's embarrassing. There are plenty of bad games out there, some even laughable. But it takes a very special kind of developers to create something that feels embarrassing to play. Remember when you watched idol and all those folks making fools out of themselves, remember when you were embarrassed on their behalf? That's how you're gonna feel the majority of the time playing Raven Squad. It's so bad it's practically begging Uwe Boll to turn it into a movie."

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