Windows 7 Commercial Shows Strange Slideshow

Microsoft's advertisements for Windows 7 are going to be huge. With the October 22 launch date approaching, Microsoft will be dialling up the campaigns.

In order to effectively convey the advantages of Windows 7 to the mass market, Microsoft needs to use its short TV spot seconds like it did with the Laptop Hunter campaigns – by highlighting the appreciable advantages of a product over the competition.

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mrv3213141d ago

Windows is such a massive leap forward because Vista was such a leap backwards.

Doesn't Windows 7 run at like the same speed as X according to tests

'Windows smooth, stable and highly polished.' Antonym; Vista

BulletToothtony3141d ago

just talking out of my own experience with both..

7 may run as fast as os-x in when it's installed but after a few weeks just like all windows products it gets all those windows updates.. spyware/registries that yes you can clean but it's still a hassle to give it maintenance..

Now after 8 months of having switched to os-X it runs just as fast as when i first bought it.. the os it's really really good..

And please if you haven't tried it, don't be so quick to hate it.. cause that is what makes the internet be full of blind fanboys..

Pandamobile3141d ago

I've had Vista installed for a year and a half and it's still running smooth.

I'm looking forward to 7 though.

HolyOrangeCows3141d ago

Come and waste $200 more on our products, plz.

singhjeet293141d ago

Windows 7 is great, I've tested it out and it blows Vista away, but then again XP blows Vista away, so that doesn't really say much for 7 ... but 7 is definitely the direction MS should have taken and at the same time Windows 7 should help their image.

I also have a mac with Snow Leopard and its fast, faster than 7. But one thing that MS really really needs to work on. Is the system updates. Windows updates put so much strain on your system which eventually makes it run at a tortoise pace. It may start fast but it isn't maintained.

This is the one problem I have never found with a mac. But lets hope that they've developed a better updating strategy for 7. And that both Apple and MS continue push each other to make better products

... plus this ad is HORRIBLE! I still think that the 4 year old girl editing pictures is a bit pushing it. But the 4 year old girl looking up Windows 7 reviews and making a slideshow for herself about it is just ... dumb!

Proxy3141d ago

This question has many answers, but no good ones.

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Timesplitter143141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Good news is : I'm getting Windows 7 free because I study in software engineering and Bill Gates gives this privilege to many universities around the world.

All MS programs are free for us, except MS Office.

3141d ago
mfwahwah3140d ago

Way to be a **** and take up like 50 comments worth of space >.>

Trevorthenerd3140d ago

Im getting windows 7 for free too :)

Natsu893141d ago

windows 7 rocks on a SONY VAIO XD

Sangria3141d ago

I will wait Microsoft impose W7 on laptops to get one, investing in a gaming computer. I'm pissed with my current PC, it can't even run Audiosurf in full screen. I will just need help about the choice when time will come.

Timesplitter143141d ago

If you get a gaming PC, be sure to assemble it yourself.

You'll save around 1000$

Sangria3141d ago

But can we assemble laptops?

Timesplitter143141d ago

Oh well I guess not.

It's probably possible but very hard to do

shikwan3141d ago

I have this installed on my HP laptop as an upgrade. Fastest upgrade ever! It was so good that I wiped another PC to see how it was as a clean install. It was the fastest, painless install EVER!! MS is def heading in the right direction.

And reboots are under 1 minute FLAT on my 5 year old Pentium 4 3Ghz machine w/3Gb ram!!!

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