All Section 8 Preorder Unlock Codes at

Didn't manage to Preorder Section 8? No worries, has you covered! You can find all 3 preorder unlock codes for the Captain's Armour skin, Assault Rifle Skin and Auto Pistol Weapon - all usable in multiplayer.

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lucifon2961d ago

Play the full game before judging mate, the demo was indeed pretty damn poor due to some horrible decisions. Myself and my buddies stuck with our preorders thanks to the pc open beta being a ton of fun and are extremely glad that we did!

It's absolutely wicked in a 32 player server on full size maps with no lag and coordinating as a squad.

2961d ago
Pandamobile2961d ago

The game really isn't as bad as it's made out to be. It's kind of bland, but it's a good deathmatcher. Especially since you have a jetpack.