Why You Should Buy the New Playstation 3 Slim Model

Associated Content: "So is the new Playstation 3 model worth buying for prospective buyers?"

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Gabe EatsWell3176d ago

Because it only does EVERYTHING.

N4G king3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

just having the name "Sony" on it
thats more than enough for me
because in Sony i trust

because i know Sony = quality

BadboyCivic3176d ago

I wonder how many of you actually bought 1,im pretty sure most users here have the PS3 FAT... and i still think the 60gig is the best!

BadboyCivic3176d ago

daaaammmm you got both, im tempted to get the slim but i know the 60gig has all the bells and whistles...

Snoogins3176d ago

I bought the slim after my 80GB with backward compatability received a YLOD late July. While I agree the 60 and 80 GBs are better, I like the slim more due to its design and the fact it's mostly whisper silent and doesn't heat up my room like a low-end heater (my 80GB was loud and HOT, even though I have a big, open-back shelf dedicated to the system alone and constantly kept it dust free). I miss the 2 extra USB, media card readers and ability to play my PS2 games, though. Still, a great price and value that I hope everyone will appreciate.

morganfell3176d ago

I bought one. I already had my 60GB and and 80 and still picked up a Slim. Definitely worth. Sony makes consoles tough.

SnuggleBandit3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

BC 80 gig (just re-bought) and 120 gig slim!

and i like the slim better, i think it looks better(in person, not just pics) and its a whole lot quieter(can barely tell its even on most of the time)

Harry_Manback3176d ago

Even though its missing alot of features that my 60gb has. At least it runs quieter (my 60gb was loud!). When I got my slim, I cleaned & shined up the ol 60gb, boxed it up, and put it in my closet.
Maybe if I ever get an extra lcd for my bedroom I'll hook it up in there.

Kappa Mikey3176d ago

I already have a 60 GB PS3, and I have to say it's the best investment I had when I payed $600. The slim owners are getting an incredible deal with a 120 GB and only $299. If it weren't for school I would had gotten a PS3 slim for my living room because it is worth soo much for so little

chrisnick3176d ago

was gonna sell my 60gb to get the cash for it, but noone on craigslist would buy it.

PS360PCROCKS3176d ago

Gabe why are you always the first poster with the same line? lol

Anyways I saw the "it only does everything" commercial today during the Broncos game, it was really funny and good marketing! It was one where it shows some fat gamer nerd (thanks Sony for that btw I workout almost as much as I play games lol) but the kid keeps asking about the "299 price" and their is all the banners and signs saying "299" while some sony rep is denying the price. lol it was funny and a good way to make it OBVIOUS it's 299.

Thank you Sony, the first time I saw your commercial and it was with a crying baby at the end all I could say was "what in the FUC* was that!?"

XLiveGamer3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Sony just convince me dropping the price a little more this xmas... come on a little more.


@ morganfell
1.6 -
I bought one. I already had my 60GB and and 80 and still picked up a Slim.

Yeah morganfell this is proof that many Fanatic Sony wh0r3s like you bought a PS3 Slim and also keep or trade the old one. I wonder how many of those 500,000 are from gamers like you that trade a Fat PS3 for a New PS3 Slim? Remember those sales dont count like new Sony Defense Force Gamers on your Private Video Game UnReal ARMY.

moparful993176d ago

I bought a slim two days ago as an early birthday present.. btw its september 28th.. But I have my slim networked with my 60 gig.. All of my extra content gets saved to my slim. Movies, music, games from the psn store and so on. I primarily use my 60 gig for my games because it has nearly 3 years worth of gaming saved to the hard drive... Is there any way to copy my save game and trophy data onto my slim? If so I will store my 60gig, I dare not think of losing it... Its nice to know that so many phat owners are buying slims... I'm excited about the future of the ps3.....

morganfell3174d ago

Well well, aren't we the one bubble jealous type... ha ha. Go back to your trailer and play wrestling on your 360.

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Saaking3176d ago

Because it "Only does everything" and is the greatest console this gen in terms of quality and games.

3176d ago
BadboyCivic3176d ago

real gamers buy all consoles including wii

Ron_Burgundy3176d ago

Because the slim is full of win and does full 1080p with only the best exclusives, and does not flop like the failbox

LukaX233176d ago

The only thing is can't do is Red Ring.

N4G king3176d ago

yah it is true it dose do everything

it dosent work as a heater

Kappa Mikey3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

it doesn't burn houses either

Meryl3176d ago

yeh trust me no one will want it to red ring, unless they have become so attached to xboxes that's all they expect a console to do (just joking)