FIFA 10 - New Details

ConnectedConsoles: FIFA 10's highly anticipated release is coming up soon. Although details for new modes were unknown. Today, EA has announced the new Live Season Mode.

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ian723051d ago

Have played the demo and will not be buying FIFA this year. The gameplay is so similar to last years its hard to see the difference. No way will I pay for very minor updates. What differences there is could easily be done with DLC.

WrightOne3050d ago

I have played Fifa 09 most days since launch on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

To me the Fifa 10 demo is very different. The position of the players, The speed of the game, Shooting and dribbling.

I will be more than happy to part with £40 for this full game.

Bring on 2nd October...

Arsenal4Ever3050d ago

if you believe that then you didn't play the FIFA 10 demo.

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timmyrulz3050d ago

Here is another detail they forgot to mention, its exactly the same as fifa 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, only with different wrapping paper

Arsenal4Ever3050d ago

are you american by any chance?

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topdawg1223050d ago

I'm American and every new FIFA has been vastlyimproved every year. Haven't played 10 but hopefully it's better than 09, which is amazing still. Any fools wanna get beat online pm me

iceman063049d ago

@ TIMMY It very well COULD be similar to FIFA 09. But, to compare it to any OTHER FIFA before that would be DEAD WRONG! The gameplay alone made a HUGE LEAP in last year's version.


You would be MORE correct comparing those years of Madden (save this year) as opposed to comparing FIFA. This year was the LEAP year for Madden. As NHL had it's LEAP YEAR last year. Seems like EA does this LEAP about every 2-3 years and in between there are subtle tweaks and additions. Not really complaining so much as making an observation.

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Barry321713050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

All I care about is whether or not the game is good. So far, it sounds like it will be, and that's all I care about. I'm real excited about the game being updated as the seasons continue... This should be a lot of fun.

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