SoftSailor: Need for Speed: Shift Review

Need for Speed is by far the most known racing game series in the world, and one of the most notorious of them all. With the past games marking a serious decrease in both revenues and game quality, it was the time for EA to make some changes to stop the series from its downfall. We cannot be sure about how much it will sell (even though chances are it will be a hit) but Shift is really a positive milestone for the series, at least from the gamers' point of view.

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Supa3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

LOL @ Submitter, in your review you added the "Danish mother seeking baby's daddy" youtube video instead of the game's trailer. Might want to fix that! :-P

Thanks for the review, it sounds like NFS is getting its groove back.

3199d ago
ian723199d ago

This game looks a little like GRID to me but I will still be getting it day 1. Just got DIRT2 and getting this to put me on till GT5 comes. Its suprising how much better a driving game is with a good steering wheel which I got not long ago. I am now really into driving/racing games.