Lens of Truth: Super Return of the Jedi - Retro Review

lens of truth writes - "The circle is now complete. With the release of Super Return of the Jedi on the Wii VC, LucasArts has completed another re-release of the Super Star Wars trilogy. Perfect reason to force grab the old SNES "Jedi" cart and pop it in for some trilogy ending closure, SNES style. Having missed this one in my youth, I was eager to see if SRotJ could redeem the series from the wasted idea that was Super Empire Strikes Back - a game that should have been much better than a 7.5. Join me, and I will complete your SSW training… in this retro Review."

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ArthurLee3203d ago

I think the first Super Star Wars is the best in the series, this was a great game.

Baron793203d ago

The force powers in this one are well done so I think ROTJ gets the edge. The original is really fun though.

tutiposoyyo3203d ago

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