Destructoid: Why the PSP is blatantly better than the DS

Destructoid writes: "It's an established fact that if you like one thing, you must hate everything else. You cannot enjoy two of any similar item in this world, which is why bisexuality has been scientifically proven not to exist. With this in mind, I have had to choose between my PSP and DS, and with the decision made, I promptly tossed my DS in the trash where it belongs, because the PSP is best.

Don't believe me? Of course you don't, because you're a biased fanboy, which makes you worse than a racist and a murderer combined. Fortunately, I am the Chef of Righteousness, feeding you truth soup with a spoon fashioned out of pure fact, so I invite you all into my Kitchen of Not Being Wrong About Videogames so that you might get your fill of delicious correctness".

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Gabe EatsWell3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Hmmm... I dont know. I love both. Sony and Nintendo FTW!
*hugs PSP1000 and DSlite*

IzKyD13313233d ago

I think destructoid is trying a little too hard with the sarcasm/satire thing....I "got" the article, it just wasn't very funny.

N4G king3233d ago

both good but the PSP got more power in it

HolyOrangeCows3233d ago

His articles are pretty hit and miss with his satire.
It's usually funny or not even worth a chuckle.

Anyway, this style of journalism is getting pathetic, Destructoid.

3233d ago
droid and bot3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Sony haters saying that the PSP sucks
now that’s something new

both good
and yes the PSP dose got more power in it

SoapShoes3233d ago

Nice satire, at least it had better be satire... For your sake.

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Saaking3233d ago

That's a hard one. Currently, the PSP has a MUCH better lineup, even better than the failbox, but there's a lot of good games on the DS. For now, PSP is on top second only to PS3.

kissmeimgreek3233d ago

just couldnt resist throwing in a reference the 360 could you? kinda sad and creey that your obsessed with it so much.

"For now, PSP is on top second only to PS3."

how can yous say that when the psp is losing to the DS and the ps3 is in last place of the home consoles? im not going to argue the quality of the consoles (they are both well made) but its stupid to think that either is the best

(bye bye bubbles)

anyway, that was a pretty entertaining article! oh and you should probably go see a doctor if red stuff comes out when you pee...

Saaking3233d ago

Perhaps cause I get nothing out of sales? I care about the games which the PS3 and PSP have dozens of exclusives and even more multiplats. That's what I care and that's why they're on top. Quantity =/= Quality.

hobokiller3232d ago

In case you guys didn't get it,

it was satirical....

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Xbox360Elite3233d ago

Zune HD will obliterate both.

Fishy Fingers3233d ago

LOL... Even YOU know that's not going to happen.

Saaking3233d ago

hahhahah, bots make me laugh at how retarded they are. Zune failed, Zune HD won't be any different. Ipod Touch is so much superior.

3233d ago
Gabe EatsWell3233d ago

Everyone commence Operation Bubble Rape on Xbox360Elite.

kissmeimgreek3233d ago

wow guys... freaking out because he made a joke about the zune.

"Everyone commence Operation Bubble Rape on Xbox360Elite."

sad times if this is what you have to do to feel good about yourself.

Saaking3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Everyone commence Operation Bubble Rape on kissmeimgreek asap! :)

dkgshiz3232d ago

As if anyone gives two fuks about the zune. thats for you. Either way the iphone with the app store is better then anything. Theres so many amazing free games. Like pappijump. I'm still going to get a new psp go.

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skynidas3233d ago

Both systems have really good games but I think that the DS has better RPG's.

Saaking3233d ago

That's a fact. DS is the best console for RPG lovers.

Da One3233d ago

but they're both the Best

Wolf8733233d ago

it sounds more like a sarcastically written article than a serious one. In any case, I used to think PSP was better before I bought a DS, and honestly I like them both for what they offer now. They are two different systems with their own appeal.

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