Official Bayonetta characters list

There is a character cast of no less than 20 humans and monsters in Bayonetta, the upcoming crazy action game from Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya. VGB lists them all.

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Saaking2959d ago

This game is looking very nice. Might buy it.

2958d ago
jack_burt0n2958d ago

The demo should be on the jp psn pretty soon, need a demo b4 i risk any money it.

Xbox360Elite2958d ago

This game reminds me of GOW 1,2,and it probably might even be better........U know what i'm gonna say is gonna be better. I always felt uneasy playing GOW i just couldn't get into the game specially when the main character is wearing red lipstick and a skirt it just puts me off.

Thoreau2958d ago

but the monster designs look phenomenal.