Can The PS3 Win The Console War?

With the recent price-cut and introduction of the Slim, the PS3 has been enjoying a resurgence in sales. Is this just a blip? Or can the PS3 finally reclaim its place at the top of the charts and win the console war, once and for all?

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chisox1003232d ago

ps3 already won the console war

Carlton Banks3232d ago

M$ Puts shipped consoles like little girls, I would love for them to actually put Sold. So we see how long it will take for Sony to take them out.

UnSelf3232d ago

ya keep it down in here

El Botto3232d ago

Nintendo Wii and PS3. Period. 360 is a no issue. It never was an issue. RROD alone made sure of that. But RROD aside, the system lacked everything on every front (like KNOWN and LOVED FRANCHISES) to compete with Sony PS3.

And PS3 will win this war because soon after the Wii's release, it was clear they went the way of the casuals instead of going head on against Sony PS3.

FOR PS3!!!! Awesome picture.

KionicWarlord2223232d ago

Ps3 and xbox 360 would have to sell over 20 million consoles to get towards the wii .

It seems unlikely for both but weirder things have happen this generation .

Saaking3232d ago

imo PS3 has more chances as it has more worldwide appeal than the xbox brand.

KionicWarlord2223232d ago

Thats true .

last gen has many people who had a ps2 .Im pretty sure xbox 360 has people who had a ps2 as well .

But the problem here is you have to think what nintendo will do . Imagine if sony did get close to the wii . Nintendo would bring out the wii hd next .

And Nintendo has a lot of mindshare so obviously wii owners will go hd .

Nintendo is actually pretty smart .

UnSelf3232d ago

no kionic, ur pretty smart

u seem to be, if not the last, true xbox 360 fan without ever gettin out of line wit ur comments.

so kionic, i salute you. ppl like u makes me wanna go out and buy a 360, just to possibly play odst or crackdown 2 wit. see u soon

Anon19743232d ago

That's the thing. Who thought the Wii could pull off 50 million consoles in 2 1/2 years? If they could do it, then why can't another console do it as well? Theoretically, a Natal enabled, cheap 360 might be able to do it, or a $299 PS3 Slim could just as easily do it.

Now, how likely is that to happen, I don't know - but if you had asked me how likely it was that the Wii could have moved 50 million consoles in 3 years, 3 years ago I would have told you you were crazy.

KionicWarlord2223232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Nintendo was the smartest out of its competitors . Launching a console centered towards new players aka casual players .

And it had the perfect price tag.


Put that together with there mindshare,old lovable characters,(Mario,zelda,etc),m otion controls, and a Huge Marketing campaign ...

They already knew how there success would be .

Saaking3232d ago

yep no one can deny That nintendo has played their cards very well this gen.

Nikuma3232d ago

No denying that Nintendo was very smart at the start of this gen and their hardware sales show that, but I don't think they're in the position that they want to be right now. I'm sure they make pretty good profit off their hardware sales but really all the money is in software and the Wii's overall software sales aren't spectacular.

Sure, they have a few smash hit games like Wii Fit but in the grand scheme of things they're software sales are not very good. Casuals tend to buy only a couple of games and just play those games, and most of the time they get bored of that one or two games they have and never touch their system again. The Wii isn't exactly in the most healthy state atm, and Nintendo needs to do something to spark their overall software sales up.

Trevorthenerd3231d ago

new colours and a price drop will do the Trick :)

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Saaking3232d ago

PS3 has won this gen for gamers. CONSTANT AAA exclusives that push the boundaries of console games and innovate to no end. PS3 is the gamer's console.

Stryfeno23232d ago

LOL....PS3 is so far behind both consoles its going to take two lifetime just to catch up. However, droids will say something different.

UnSelf3232d ago

keep it down in here

your neighbors in the GZ are tryna have a sensible discussion smh

FlipMode3232d ago

Less than 7 million is "So far behind"?


keysy4203232d ago

while people are only paying attention to the ps3 what about the ps2 that is still selling. that is what the 360 cant seem to out do. the ps3 is gonna sell far beyond the 360 and far into the ps4 life cycle. their is no war, the only thing that is waring in M$ trying to get as much money as they can from gamers. ps3 vrs 360 is a joke. m$ game market doesnt even match Sony's at all and its funny 360 fans think so. what has been proven is that 4 consoles can share the market at the same time. overall people buy sony products vrs M$ 3 to 1.all the consle war mean is what games are going to be on what system and unless your blind you can see that sony is winning this war. some games are still good on the 360 but they are remakes of games that came out before on the console. look for gamers the ps3 is the best thing out their . for developers the wii, ps2, handhelds and the 360 are the best things out their. i say that because all of those systems their isn't this standard that the ps3 exclusives have set. games like mgs 4 killzone 2 uncharted 2 all these games have set the bar really high. so when fans see that a game will rival one of these they buy the game.but when 3rd parties make a game and its not in the same ball park and actually inferior on the ps3 06-08 it makes you think that all systems besides the ps3 are getting their systems pushed to the max and the ps3 is getting the well their is alot more that we could do with this game lets put it out equal to the 360 so that we make the extra buck.