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Here is how to keep your PS3 cool, quiet and long living

PS3-Sense posted some tips about keeping your PS3 cool, quiet and long living. Some of them are really useful so its worth taking a look at it. (PS3)

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Kamikaze135  +   2214d ago
People have PS3s that get hot and noisy?
Mind = blown
Saaking  +   2214d ago
They're a very small minority. Most PS3s are very quiet
prabx  +   2214d ago
im part of that minority unfortunately :(
f789790  +   2214d ago
It's all about placement
Mind was silent when beside my tv, but when I moved it to it's own section on an open shelf it got loud because the hot air just circulated in that small space.
LiL T  +   2214d ago
That first pic is a fail unless he has the fan sucking out air because thats the exhaust side. I have my PS3 raised on a couple old ps2 games but it has been on since launch (it gets reset for FW updates thats it) and never had any prolems.
iamtehpwn  +   2214d ago
I'm actually considering getting a Ps3 slim
My 40gb PS3 oddly gets hotter/louder then all my friend's PS3s.
Not sure why though. >_<
MmaFanQc  +   2214d ago
we only see the front in the horizontal position and only the back of the console in the vertical position....


accurate comparison...is accurate?!?
will11  +   2214d ago
I got my 60gb the first day it came out and it is very loud and gets very hot. I am thinking of buying a PS3 slim just for this reason
Winter47th  +   2214d ago
It's already cool, quiet and long living.
N4G king  +   2214d ago
damn that white PS3 looks sexy
i saw all the colors in the stores
but i have a black one

anyway on topic

my ps3 still runs as if it was new
Megaton  +   2214d ago
My refurb goes to vacuum cleaner status if it's warm inside the house. My original PS3 YLOD'd when the fan was quiet and it was cold inside the house. When it wants to die, it'll die.
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Ocelot525  +   2214d ago
mine died 2 months ago, but it was my own fault, I sometimes played 14 hours straight.it was 4 months out warranty but:
you only need your receipt.

here the link for repair in the BeNeLux:

for people who live in other countries:
-option 1: immigrate to belgium or the netherlands (we have free healthcare and cookies)
-option 2: search for the link for free repair for your country, it will be a b!tch to find, you won't find the link on the official PSsite
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Nikuma  +   2214d ago
I had my PS3 on for about 3 months straight and it never got hot or noisy. O_o The thing was literally on 24/7, if I wasn't playing a game it was doing folding @ home. 80gig BC MGS4 bundle PS3.
SaiyanFury  +   2214d ago
The early model PS3s do, in fact, put out a lot of heat, and while they don't get loud it doesn't hurt to get rid of that excess heat. I have a small 9" metal blade fan blow on my PS3, and on my original model Xbox 360 when I play them to blow away the ambient heat around my systems when I play them. Now my newer 80GB PS3 puts out no heat at all from the top vent (I stand it on it's side). Interesting redesign, I was quite surprised. I can leave it on for hours and I'll never feel a change in heat coming from that vent, nor will I hear the internal CPU fan.
Multi-Console Owner  +   2214d ago
Q: How do you keep your PS3 cool, quiet and long living?

A: Operate it under normal conditions.

PS3s work just fine when they're operated without any modifications. I play mine for 10 hours at a time and it's more quite than my dead grandpa 3 states away and blows out cool air the whole time! This isn't the console that overheats from sitting at it's main-menu, sounds like a jet engine when sending a message and dies for absolutely no reason.
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Wiitactics  +   2214d ago
My PS3 slim run super quite but it still gets hotter than my old 60GB model, believe it or not. =(
ThanatosDMC  +   2214d ago
The old ones get hot but they remain quiet. Not as loud as a 360 in a nice air conditioned room. The Slim would probably the coolest and quietest one yet.
barom  +   2214d ago
My 60gb gets actually pretty hot and pretty loud (especially during the summer). But it's still not as bad as my brother's 360 (when the disc drive is spinning).

That said I remember reading up on this and came along some article about the PS3s being produced with two different fans. One 15-blade and one 19-blade. The 15-blade is the one that's fairly loud and the 19-blade is quiet (most people said they had to literally put their ear close to it to hear it. I can attest to this as I have (likely) the 15-blade that gets fairly loud once it gets going, and my friends and my brother has a really really quiet PS3.

I'd feel bad since I'm the odd one out of the bunch but I have hardware ps2 bc, which none of them have. So that's how I pat myself in the back everytime I hear the fan going off.
Real Gambler  +   2214d ago
Yikes, most dangerous set up in that picture EVER... DO NOT DO THAT!
Wow, an article showing how to prolong the life of the PS3, yet, they show a fan blowing the HOT air BACK INTO the PS3... Yes, he is showing the air flow correctly (yellow arrow), so if you would like to "help" the PS3, the fan is backward...

This thing is designed well to evacuate the heat by itself. Forget extra fans, you can even forget the coke cans. Just put it where the hot air coming out of the console can get away easily. Don't squeeze it somewhere, make sure the air flow is good and let the huge internal fan do his job!
DaTruth  +   2214d ago
Mine gets hot, but doesn't really get loud unless I'm Folding@Hhome; Which I don't do anymore because of that. I'd like to help, but not at the expense of my 60gig with EE.
BLuKhaos  +   2214d ago
Yeah I think that's what sent a lot of PS3's to an early grave.That's the main reason why I never left my PS3 running on F@H.
shadow2797  +   2214d ago
Does anyone actually do that fan test? I'm interested if it would be worth it.

My 80 Gb gets pretty loud and hot. It didn't use to. Nowhere near my 360's volume, but still loud enough to worry me. I'm interested in doing a fan test and then vacuuming like the article said. Good idea?
Kleptic  +   2214d ago
yeah I have a hard time understanding what is 'loud' and what isn't...I have a 60gb from march 2007...the fan speed/noise has never changed since I bought it...but i can definitely hear it, and at one apartment i lived in a while ago the fan would really get going on hot afternoons (AC sucked there)...

but in most conditions I can barely hear it from across the room...after a few hours of gaming, the system is 'warm', but never overly hot or anything...and the ps3 is quieter than most desktop computers im around...

but some people do claim they can't hear their ps3 at all...thats not my case, the fan changes speed somewhat often, and when it gets going I can easily hear it from 10 feet away...its not distracting or anything...but is that normal?...my little cousin has a 360, and that thing is ridiculously loud always...its nothing like that...but i haven't been around any ps3's yet that were quiter than mine...like compared to a dvd player or something the ps3 is loud...but compared to almost any computer its quiet...is that how it is for most of you?...
AKNAA  +   2214d ago
I do this ghetto style!
F$@K the add ons! I just place a 9" fan behind my 80g model and tada! keeps it cool for as long as you have it on. No issues at all! BTW, I don't know anybody with a PS3 that failed yet...

@ real gambler
"Wow, an article showing how to prolong the life of the PS3, yet, they show a fan blowing the HOT air BACK INTO the PS3"

I've been doing that for over a year and by experience, I'd say that its safe considering my PS3 is in use for either gaming, blu-rays, dvd movies or web browsing 6-12 hrs. a day.
just recently I placed my fan behind the PS3 cause it seems to blow the hot air away alittle better.
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Persistantthug  +   2213d ago
@1.11, Ocelot525....If my PS3 ever breaks down I'll keep that link in mind....
Thanks, Ocelot525. :)
ThanatosDMC  +   2213d ago
Do not try the "fan test" that's bad for your PS3.
Kassanova07  +   2213d ago
60 gig bought at launch. Runs like a swiss watch.
Ron_Burgundy  +   2214d ago
not having to do anything at all, with no hassle, that's how you keep it cool, quiet and long living

unlike the flopbox, that's hot as hell, jet engine sounds, and short lived right out of the box

you have to put a whole ac unit or a fan in front of the flopbox

my favorite one that the bots like is the wet towel method :P :P :P
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Saaking  +   2214d ago
I want a way to shut my 360 up. It's like a goddamned airliner in my room.
DonCorneo  +   2214d ago
how to keep your 3fixme cool, quiet and long living
don't turn it on; just leave it off

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Marty8370  +   2214d ago
Shot the Crapbox in the bin. Out of sight, out of mind. lol
Solans Scott  +   2214d ago
Good article. I'm going to try elevating the system to see if it stays cooler. I don't have problems with overheating but if it means a drop in temperature I'm all for it.
Raptors  +   2214d ago
I tried everything and nothing worked for me. 2 40 gigs, 2 loud ps3's. Im on a slim right now and so far so good...Personally I think its a bigger problem than ppl are willing to admit...
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RememberThe357  +   2214d ago
I'm not sure about that.
My 80gb is pretty quiet but it also gets pretty damn hot.I can't hear it at all when I'm playing Killzone 2 with my surround sound on blast. But when I just put on a movie to help me sleep it is kind of annoying to hear it going. So it might just be relative.
Jazz4108  +   2214d ago
Im on my 100th ps3. just kidding still my first, I forgot we were not talking about the 360 lol.
qwertyuiopasdfghjkl  +   2214d ago
The only real prevented measure you can take is to keep your PS3 or 360 in a well ventilated area. Try to avoid entertainment cabinets with enclosed spaces or doors. You might be sacrificing your entertainment center looks, but a working console is a great benefit.

Edit: It also helps knowing the internal layout of the system, and what your best option would be to support them.

For instance, when vertical, the PS3 Fat's hard drive is located on the bottom. This can cause the heat from the drive to travel upwards through the internal components. When placed horizontal however, the heat stays in the HDD area and vented out the back.

Next its good to know where the exhaust and intakes are. For my 60gb Fat, I know the majority of heat is pumped out the back, while the cool air intake is taken from the front. With some air being taken from and relieved at the top.
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BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2214d ago
now i understand why it seems to get hotter when standing up... lol
CobraKai  +   2214d ago
That's good to know. I didn't know about the HDD. I kept it vertical so the heat can escape through the top and out the back. I guess I'll lay it down now.
Killermen  +   2214d ago
Nice article, I'm gonna try that instantly
Dellis  +   2214d ago
Here is a better one, play it just for 1 hour

these gamers out there go wild, 5 hours straight and stuff then

wonder why their console are "hot", come on

LMAO at the SODA CAN holding up the PS3, yet he has the PS3 in a tiny

place LOL
Noctis Aftermath  +   2214d ago
Sorry, people who only game on a Wii are like red-heads, YOUR OPINION DOESN'T COUNT.
theEnemy  +   2214d ago
1 hour ?

You're like my mom 10 years ago.

If you have a PS3, your body will go down first long before the PS3 itself.
Aquarius  +   2214d ago
wait a min.

My PS3 is on now and I can't hear shizzle.
Have I got a special PS3 or what? :P
evilmonkey501  +   2214d ago
this article is pretty lame. Sony did a great job designing the ps3. Quiet, cool and reliable.
Gabe EatsWell  +   2214d ago
Here is how to keep your PS3 cool, quiet and long living
How about an article how to keep the failbox 360 cool, quiet and long living instead? ;)
dreamcast  +   2214d ago
That article would be too long... they'd have to turn it into a book. Maybe MS can write it and sell it for $100, like their wifi adapters. They'd make a killing.
TheblackBanana  +   2214d ago
it would just say always have 200$ on hand so you can send it to them when it dies. lol
Stryfeno2  +   2214d ago
HAHHAHAAHHAHAHAAAAA Nice pic. Avatar quality.
N4G king  +   2214d ago
what about that pic ??
i dont see anything about it
Pizzagaki  +   2214d ago
Last year, ps3 failure rate was 3%
This year it has climbed to 13%.

You guys where right, the ps3 is indeed gonna overtake the 360.
In failure rates.
FlipMode  +   2214d ago
But the xbox is at 54.2%

Logic Fail?
Gabe EatsWell  +   2214d ago
Pizzagaki you have no brain whatsoever.

@Below: People love my matching username and avatar. Oh, and your avatar sucks.
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Pizzagaki  +   2214d ago
Lurk more, that article was wrong.

Failure rate has dropped from 30 to 23%.
So the 360 is actually improving, while the naystation is starting to look worse.

And sure, someone who impersonates Gabe sure is sticking out with his comments.
FlipMode  +   2214d ago
I find it funny you actually believe the PS3 failure rate climbed higher. lol
The_Beast  +   2214d ago
If your ganna use the game informer
then the rod bos is 54%... so u just keep owning urself everytime u say ps3 is 13%
Obama  +   2214d ago
Delusional bot. Your betabox is 10x as loud as the ps3 and is 54.2% more likely to break than the ps3.
Saaking  +   2214d ago
pizzagaki is one of the lamest most stupid bots on this site. Poor fella, just ignore him and take his bubbles.
Pizzagaki  +   2214d ago
Youre all a bittered bunch of sore losers.
No wonder none of you can come with a strong argument, all you guys do is trying to downplay me with insults.

How childish.
Gabe EatsWell  +   2214d ago
Cry more Pizzagaki, we love it!
Obama  +   2214d ago
How can we get serious with you when u actually believe the failure rate of the 360 is 20%, and that the ps3 has a 13% failure rate. When you present such silly argument, u get silly comeback.
dustgavin  +   2214d ago
"Youre all a bittered bunch of sore losers.
No wonder none of you can come with a strong argument, all you guys do is trying to downplay me with insults."

If you actually took the time to read what you type, you just may see how ignorant you are.

Hypocrite: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.
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N4G king  +   2214d ago
"Last year, ps3 failure rate was 3%
This year it has climbed to 13%.

You guys where right, the ps3 is indeed gonna overtake the 360.
In failure rates."

"Youre all a bittered bunch of sore losers.
No wonder none of you can come with a strong argument, all you guys do is trying to downplay me with insults.

How childish. "

soo its not childish
that you talk like a 10 year old kid that his mom and dad didnt got him a PS3 but a cheap XBOX arcade
its childish that they own your ass ??
lordkemp007  +   2214d ago
How to keep your xbox cool, quiet and long living.

Say 3 hail mary's and pray to mohammed your house has not frazzled to the ground.
Toolster  +   2214d ago
Buy a PS3 slim,simples
_IFRIT_   2214d ago | Spam
crillyconlig  +   2214d ago
my launch 60gig ran realy noisey, my current ps3 is silent and runs cool, my ps2 on the other hand is deafening lol
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Jacobite  +   2213d ago
Could this just be certain batches or bad luck, my PS3 60gb had no issues since launch (UK)and gets played more with the Blue-ray rentals I've not notice any over heating problems or noise unlike my 360(3rd one since launch ).
Feral Gamer  +   2214d ago
I thought PS3 was cool, quiet, and long living out of the box?
evilmonkey501  +   2214d ago
it most definetly is
quiet, cool and reliable out of the box. no cheesy external fan required. If your really paranoid...maybe you should be doing something else...it's not an xbox for crying out loud... lol...
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ForROME  +   2214d ago
Or instead of following all these tips, just get a slim, prob solved
thehitman  +   2214d ago
I have 60gig since jan 07
and it only makes noise after hours of play time when its hot and its still nothing compared to my friends 360... pretty sure you dont need anything to keep your ps3 cool unless you just have poor ventilation.
drummerx2709  +   2214d ago
&quot;Chances are that you at least know someone whose PS3 has fallen&quot;
Nope :)
Max Power  +   2214d ago
If you don't like...
keeping your consoles verticle, or don't mind a little eye sore, you can pic up one of these: http://www.target.com/dp/B0... They are cheap and with the grill like shelves they will provide adequate air flow to the bottom of your system.
skip2mylou  +   2214d ago
i have 4 of those but its a bit old like 2003 but it has a lot more space than that one i have managed to fit about 90dvds on the shelves but that includes the stuff like the 4dvd boxed editions of movies then i have a few vhs movies on them
kasasensei  +   2214d ago
Dust kills ps3.
If yours starts to run louder, get ready for a nice ylod.
peeps  +   2213d ago
mine wasn't really any louder when it finally died. lasted me 2 years tho but ah well.

best tip is just to make sure it has some space (goes for any electrical equipment) and just run a hoover round the vents as mentioned to clear excess dust (also make sure theres no dust around the ps3 to be sucked up)

basically it's just common sense lol
NaiNaiNai  +   2214d ago
11% fail rate.
Gabe EatsWell  +   2214d ago
54.2% failure rate.

NaiNaiNai  +   2214d ago
cry more gabe cry more.
Gabe EatsWell  +   2214d ago
Oh the irony. Where's your Shadow Man account? :)
NaiNaiNai  +   2214d ago
Your fat ass ate it.

Gabe EatsWell  +   2214d ago
Oh look! its your last bubble. Any last words? :)
NaiNaiNai  +   2214d ago
yep, go get me some food you fat batch.
Gabe EatsWell  +   2214d ago
NaiNaiNai fails again with his 4th and last bubble.
Gobuz  +   2214d ago
My 60gb release PS3 doesn't get hot and isn't noisy? I now also own a slim and that doesn't get hot or get noisy either?

What is this mysterious model that does this? Is this made up?
Superduper09  +   2213d ago
My 40GB PS3 is placed next to my LCD TV and it usually runs very quietly. But still this might be a good thing to try I gues.
redsquad  +   2213d ago
PS3 is cool already... DAMN cool!
bjornbear  +   2213d ago
I got my PS3 Vertical and it is very cool...makes more sense too since less of it is touching the surface = exposed to air flow...

Also quite close to window so =) cool ai...as for dust...shud i do fan test? or is it bad? mine runs like new so...dno..

Oh and heat comparison is not fair...one's from the front, other is from behind....seriously?!
lowcarb  +   2213d ago
This is what I use to do to prolong my 360 from overheating. I refused to pay MS 100 bucks to repair something i felt was there fault and had the fan cranked up everyday. Without the fan it would heat up in 20 minutes and shut don but with it I went 6 hours straight. The only thing that sucked was all of the noise from using it on top of the 360 fans working loud trying to keep it cool.
Ninjamonkey  +   2213d ago
I have my ps3 up vertically plus its right next to my LCD TV. After ages sometimes the fan kicks in but theres never been a big problem.

I just hoover the fan outlets every so often to keep the air flow as high as possible.
Chriswsm  +   2213d ago
I have very rarely noticed mine get noisy.
Its a 60gb model (no fan test option) it is vertical and in an area with good airflow. Had it from day 1 of UK release with no issues other than sticky screws when changing the hard drive which was easy enough to solve.
va_bank  +   2213d ago
I have a 60GB and a 40GB
They are both loud, but don't seem to get hot it all - probably because fans are running all the time
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