What is a "Gamer"?

Some find it extremely difficult to define what a "gamer" is. But is it really that hard? Sometimes it's just tricky to find a decent definition without offending the ones that would be deprieved of such an apparently "hip" title.

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tdrules3229d ago

stupidly long for a simple answer.
someone who plays games, inb4 the elitists saying you can only be a gamer if you played a SNES etc etc

Abriael3229d ago

If you kick a ball in your backyard, then you're a soccer player? Oookay :D

SpoonyRedMage3229d ago

Yes you are soccer player, just not a professional one. Just like most of us here are gamers, but not professional ones. It's just a freakin' hobby.

Abriael3229d ago

In fact hobbies require time and passion. That's exactly what differentiates a gamer from someone that isn't one. The gamer cultivates the "hobby" of gaming. Non gamers simply play some games occasionally when they have nothing better to do.

A soccer player is someone that regularly trains in the sport, even if not a professional. Someone that just kicks the ball in the backyard occasionally is someone that plays ball, no more, no less.

tdrules3229d ago

instilling a standard on others, nice

SpoonyRedMage3229d ago

No, that's a load of rubbish. Playing games when you have nothing better to do is exactly what we all do. It's that simple and someone who plays video games to have fun means they do have passion and they do put time into it. It's a hobby for them and considering $250 is the cheapest for any of the consoles they're obviously willing to spend a large amount for it.

Some who plays soccer is a soccer player because well.. they play soccer. Same with a gamer.

Abriael3229d ago

I'm afraid you're confusing "hobby" with "pastime" There's a subtle difference there.

Putting "time" doesn't mean putting in 10 scarce minutes just because you have to fill them somehow and happen not to have a newspaper handy.

Just kicking a ball doesn't make you a soccer player. Just playing tetris or puzzle bobbe doesn't make you a gamer :D
It can be PART of a gamer's gaming habits, but that alone isn't enough.

Saaking3229d ago

Many gamers began during the PS1 era. A lot during the SNES (myself included). You don't need to have started from the NES to be real gamer. As long as you enjoy games and love them, I think that qualifies you as a gamer; and as long as this isn't your first gen.

Abriael3229d ago

Actually I don't think the generation makes a difference. If you never played games before, but you buy a console, and decide to make gaming your hobby (as such treating it like an hobby, not a simple occasional pastime), then you're a gamer.

On the other hand, you may have begun with the vic 20, but if gaming isn't currently your hobby, then you're not a gamer.

SpoonyRedMage3229d ago

no, I'm not confusing anything. You're spliiting hairs. Here's a definition.

–noun, plural -bies.
1. an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation: Her hobbies include stamp-collecting and woodcarving.
2. a child's hobbyhorse.
3. Archaic. a small horse.

Everyone who plays games is pursuing their interest in games for pleasure and/or relaxation. There are also professional gamers though.

And no kicking a ball doesn't make you a soccer playing, playing soccer however does. Theirs also plenty of "gamers" who only play a few select games and also some that can only fit in ten minutes here and there.

Abriael3229d ago

Hobbies are a kind of pastime. Not all pastimes, though, are hobbies.

You talk as there are only two degrees of interest in an activity, but there actually are three.

you: pastime -> professional
me: pastime -> hobby -> professional

Simple as that, we can agree to disagree.

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Saaking3229d ago

A REAL gamer is one that owns a PS3.

Abriael3229d ago

yay! Flamefest incoming!

Saaking3229d ago

Someone who owns a Wii or 360.

tdrules3229d ago

flamefests usually occur when someone tries to approve opinion on a NEWS site

Abriael3229d ago

I understand that sarcasm makes you somehow feel "cool" tdrules, but maybe you should be made aware that "news" is only ONE of the many categories of articles that are allowed and welcome on this site.
Try to submit one and scroll down in the categories and you'll see.
Sorry if i had to break a bubble.

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Wiitactics3229d ago

Somebody that plays video games too much...

Wiitactics3229d ago

Somebody that doesn't play video games that much.

Wiitactics3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

What is so complicated about that anyway?