Uncharted 2 UK pre-order bonuses detailed

The Lost Gamer writes "Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is truly set to be the Playstation 3's blockbuster title of 2009, if recently unveiled footage is anything to go by. Now approaching just over a month from its release, the pre-order bonuses from the four leading retailers in the UK have been revealed.

We've listed these below, and include weapon skins, multiplayer bonuses, and guaranteed Beta access – which one takes your fancy?"

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LarVanian2961d ago

GAME definitely has the best offer.
If anyone from the UK is thinking about pre-ordering online then go with GAME. A multi-player beta code would be nice but honestly what use would it be when you have the actual game by next month?

Karum2961d ago

Yeah I'm thinking I might just get it from GAME. However they normally end up getting these in store, one of my mates works in my local store, think I'll ask him if they are getting them in stock.

I'd much rather get it in store simply because I'd be pretty annoyed if I didn't get the game on day 1.

SnuggleBandit2961d ago

I still can't believe that the U.S. doesn't have a special edition! I guess i might import one...i mean c'mon naughty dog studio is like two hours from my house!!!

LarVanian2961d ago

There probably is a US special edition. It just hasn't been announced yet.
The UK/European SE is probably a way to make up to us Europeans, because we had to wait almost a month after the US to get Drake's Fortune lol.

Arsenal4Ever2961d ago

GAME - £49.99 for Special Edition
Shoto - £32.95 for Normal Edition.

Is this extra stuff worth £17+??

In my opinion, no way. I'll get the one at Shop to thank-you very much.

jack_burt0n2961d ago

Add this code at checkout @


for £4 off the CE

weazel2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Cheers(and bubbles) mate - four quid off is a four quid off! (And you get it in a tin! important with a baby in the house who loves chewing anything she shouldn't!)

mal_tez922960d ago

But here in Australia all we get is a bag.
Although I'll admit it's a nice bag.

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Saaking2961d ago

GOTY guaranteed. Just like LBP before it.

ZBlacktt2961d ago

LOL, LBP..... more like MGS4 compared to UnCharted 2. But LBP is cute though :D

Saaking2961d ago

@above, doesn't matter cause we get to play them all :)

ZBlacktt2960d ago

you are correct. I happen to own 2 LBP's myself. One is the recalled version unopened.

Aquarius2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

...look at the tiles on that floor. I can't wait to see those in HIGH DEFINITION. I saw a little puddle of water in the Beta. Speechless...

I was going to pre-order mine from SHOPTO.NET ( get it on the 14th )
Does anyone know if the theme from GAME is dynamic or not?

p.s. ONLY ON TripleAstation 3

Saaking2961d ago

Amazing detail only possible on Ps3.

Irnbruguy2961d ago

I've put myself down as pre-ordering it from gamestation.
Discounts ftw

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