The Game Reviews: Heroes of Newerth Beta Preview

The Game Reviews writes: "Indie developer S2 Games of Savage fame have rather sneakily announced their third project via the wonders of social networking site Facebook, Heroes of Newerth. It's a curious approach that is only afforded only by their indie status, but it's certainly getting the job done as tens of thousands of fans have already been lured in. The game has been lingering in closed beta for a couple of months now, and after finally acquiring a closed beta key, I thought it's about time I got stuck in on the action.

Heroes of Newerth is unashamedly based on the real-time strategy spin-off and all round supermod Defense of the Ancients. For the uninitiated, DotA started off as just another custom map for Warcraft III. It eventually went on to become as popular as its host game, and to this day is only really rivaled in the mod world by Counter-Strike in terms of sheer popularity. It even had a pop song devoted to it which, even more surprisingly, actually sold very well in some northern European countries..."

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