Uncharted 2: Among Thieves can fall...............IF?

GB writes: "Before I go ahead and all of you readers go mad at me, I will like to make one point very clear. This article is not about "Uncharted 2 sucks" or "Uncharted 2 will fail miserably". We all know very well that Among Thieves will be a major success for Sony and for the Playstation 3 and it will be a great game. But here we will like to raise a couple of points which could probably stop Uncharted 2: Among Thieves from being EPIC. Normally the line between a great game and a perfect game is pretty thin. Through this article we tell you what could stop Uncharted 2 from being a perfect game. Throughout this article I will be taking references from the original: Uncharted: Drakes Fortune."

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mrv3213054d ago

They did say Uncharted 2 will be longer than the first and not add in Multiplayer and co-op it should be good.

Saaking3054d ago

UC2 will be 10x better and UC1 was already great.

UnSelf3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

is this author retarded?

Of course Navarro died. Even if he didnt, 90% of the time in movies or games when someone appears to die you dont learn if its confirmed or not until the 2nd installment. If they dont explain it in the 2nd installment then we must presume that person died.

Why did he hae compasion for Raja? Though raja attempted to kill him, Nate is still a human being. Raja also had plenty of times to just shoot nate dead in the face at anytime but he chose to instead lock him up. If my enemy treated me this way and we had a lil history i cant see myself not helping him when it suits us both.

Also more than anything Nate NEEDED raja for that crucial moment so they can help each other survive that wave of creatures

Cajun Chicken3054d ago

Eddie Raja needs to be in a prequel. You can tell that in the past that Eddie and Drake may of worked together, but both being totally ruthless one betrayed each other (probably Eddie) thee interesting fact with Nathan Drake is that he isn't clearly a good person, that can be told from the beginning of the game when Elena is left alone. Drake has got in scrapes, but the events of Uncharted bring out the best in him.

Anyway if there is to be a possible Uncharted game on PSP it should be a prequel about how Nathan and Eddie fell out. Eddie was a great unexplored character, you can see that Eddie and Drake had been in shootouts before when the 'cursed' arrived.

El Botto3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

Bots were crying after E3s EPIC footage of Uncharted 2.

Their mouths drooled while their jaws were on the floor. And on internetforums, they displayed envy and jealousy.

Time to meet your maker.

@Cajun Chicken
I dont know what youre talking about. Nathan Drake is obviously a good guy. He has his flaws but overall he is clearly not a totally ruthless guy. He is no superhero, he is an ordinary joe but you can tell by the decisions he makes and the comments he makes that he is in general a good person.

ToastyMcNibbles3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

no offense to the writer but yeah...dumb article...not because its trying to find anything negative about uncharted but just the reasons are kind of dumb

for one naughty dog has repeatedly said among thieves is longer than drake's fortune...they didnt add multiplayer because the single player is shorter

the eddy raja thing well at least for me i liked how their relationship was... you didnt need any flashbacks or anything like that to let you know that they had a history and its more of a rivalry but just a bit came off to me like they were buddies at one point that seperated for different made it more interesting and mysterious in a cool way

the ending.. well of course navaro died... i dont think a guy with a statue tied to his leg falling down into the ocean is gonna survive...just saying... i think its stupid to question whether hes alive or not...hes not that serious of an antagonist to try to question that... el dorado is now deep in the ocean and thats the end of that

naughty dog has even said they werent satisfied with how drakes fortune ended and made sure that the ending for among thieves blows it out of the water so there shouldnt be any worries..

i get where the article is coming from but judging from these reasons it just shows more how great of a game drakes fortune was and how much better among thieves will be

Cajun Chicken3054d ago

Nathan Drake turns out to be a good guy. He does have good in him, but as you see he has no problem with being a rebel, what I mean to say at the start of the game, Nathan is actually quite a selfish double crossing character and it seems like Eddie is what Nathan would become if it wasn't for his friendship with Sully.

I'm not saying Nathan is a bad person, but he is only a hero because of the events of Uncharted, at the beginning Nathan is a bit of a character that you wouldn't trust, he has clearly lied so many times to Elena ten minutes into the game and it is obvious he just had the intentions to use her and her funding to find what he wanted to find.

And those flaws are sort of what make him realistic and likable. I'm saying, there may of been a time where Drake or Eddie left each other for dead, to the shock to the other, there does appear to be a bit of back history there.

xxBiG_BoSSxx3054d ago

@1.2 you took the words out of my mouth. i'm not sure what this guy was talking about.

and i got a lot more than seven hours with this game hunting down all the treasures and unlocking everything(and then doing it all again for trophies). i don't mind a shorter game if its an excellent experience from start to finish. uncharted 2 is shaping up to be just that.
and there is no way r&c:f was longer than the original uncharted.

morganfell3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

An idiotic article whose every line makes it seem as if the writer has never seen an Uncharted game case, much less played the title.

mrv3213054d ago

The article is good, there's no point going...

Well uncharted 1 was perfect no flaws let's just copy and paste.

By bringing games down like this one we will be even more surprised.... and it prooves that even the largest negatives are based on unknowns and there's no point going it's a stupid article because in some places it was right although I disagree with most of them I adore negativity to any game but we all know this will be great.

Christopher3054d ago

The author's attempts to get hits based on the title alone, and the contents lack any substance.

1. Uncharted 2 is already said to be longer than the first, and now has multiplayer.

2. With a title of 'Plot lines need to make sense' you would think they would present faulty plot elements in their argument. Not true, though, instead they are griping about the lack of exposition on the relationship that Eddy and Drake share. It's the first game and they need to introduce elements that make you feel compassionate about the character, meaning not everything makes it into the storyline. This is typical in all storytelling medias, from books to movies.

3. Seriously? Have you not seen the Elena reveal videos, the E3 gameplay, and tons of other gameplay out there? Do you really think they've not captured much of what was in the first and brought it to the second one? And, as far as wanting all of the details of who is really dead and what really happened with El Dorado, watch a few exploration movies and you'll see that things like this are usually left unanswered for a reason, so that the viewer/player can continue to ponder on it, giving the story more life after it has ended.

Seriously, horrible article trying to float on the placement of "Uncharted 2" and "fail" in the same sentence.

vhero3054d ago

360 fan clutching at straws...

hakeem09963054d ago

But i have never played a Perfect Game, ever in my life.I've played tons of great games but none were PERFECT so i don't real see the point of that articles cause for me no game will ever be perfect.

syanara3053d ago

yea heres the breakdown of their reasons
1: the game needs to be longer

ur right well u never know if its got 100 mintes of cut-scenes or even if they've been repatedly saying its gonna be linger in like 90% of their interviews u never know IT COULD BE SHORTER!...(sarcasm I love it)

2:some plot lines need to make sense

not making sense and something not already known are 2 different things. I would be interested to know the history between drake and Eddie Raja (PSP PREQUEL MAYBE????) but that doesn't mean the plot lines don't make sense probably could of worded that part better (with an article typo tho u never know)

3: i dunno? did he died? (this guy needs a grammar class) but yea I would assume since uncharted isn't a game to go overly deep into every little thing I would assume he died. I do Like the way bubbles put it in 1.2 for that here's some bubbles, bubbles.

Snoogins3053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

Based on my first instinct upon completion of Uncharted, I came to the conclusion that all is not over for Navarro. Yes, we see him being dragged down into the blue abyss with the sinking coffin of El Dorado, but has anyone given any serious thought to what is inside it? The curse/bacteria/whatever turns whoever becomes exposed to it into a primitive, yet organically evolved creature. Who is to say, out of desperation, Navarro forces open El Dorado and becomes one of the creatures? If you pay attention in the treasure room right before you leave the island, the "descendants" emerge from the murky pool of water. This means they are either good at holding their breath or are capable of being amphibious. Had Navarro become one of those creatures as he sank into the ocean, he could have likely escaped to be a recurring antagonist, hellbent on revenge. Cliche, yes, but these days cliche seems to be all the rage.

Ravage273053d ago (Edited 3053d ago )

If game length has to be sacrificed for great pacing and a BLOCKBUSTER experience, then so be it.

ND has already said that UC2 will feature longer playing time, but even if it didn't i'm still getting it Day 1. I mean,look at games like Farcry2. Sure it has 30+hrs game length but how did it turn out? FF12 may not suck but the pacing was horrible and the overall experience suffered as a result.

I'll take a focused adrenaline-pumping adventure over a draggy 50hrs game any day.

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Blaze9293054d ago

too late...

"This article is not about "Uncharted 2 sucks" or "Uncharted 2 will fail miserably"

No one is going to read that part...

heroicjanitor3054d ago

Can't you just ignore them? You don't see me in 360 articles moaning at 360 fanboys.

Blaze9293054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

...who is moaning and when did I ever say anything about ps3 fanboys? I'm just saying no one is going to read that part and automatically jump to conclusions...

Example? Look down below at Gabe EatsWell comment. Point proven

xxBiG_BoSSxx3054d ago

"I'm just saying no one is going to read that part and automatically jump to conclusions..."

you do realize what you just did, don't you?

i read gabes comments. he justs seems to disagree that it will fail. doesn't seem angry at all. just adamant. and despite the author's opening comments he does proceed to make a case for the game failing under the circumstances he outlined.

syanara3053d ago

I think more people read that part than you think I understand that this is not about bashing uncharted 2 but if ur gonna state reasons this game COULD fail make them good reasons im just making fun of the bad editing in the article.

an example of a good reason uncharted 2 could fail would be something like if they kill anyone of the original characters at the end of U2:AT that would make the game suck for me because I love those characters. I doubt ND would do that tho.

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Saaking3054d ago

Uncharted isn't on the 360 so it won't fail. UC2 GOTY 2009, bots on damage control.

IcyJoker1873054d ago

Looks like the bots are mad because the leaked vid of ODSTD was boring as hell

The XBOT3054d ago

largest library of games (check)
largest number of games above 70 (check)
best live exprience (check)
cheapest sku with the arcade to start gaming (check)
best Motion controls (check)
very good number of exclusives (check)
Best version of the multiplayer games (check)

iTzNath3054d ago

Can't Wait!!
Pre ordered the special edition from

Gabe EatsWell3054d ago

Uncharted 2 will NOT fail.