Top 10 games that demand your attention this holiday season

It's the same story every year. Publishers save their best games for the year-end holiday season, and in the process, leave us consumers to deal with the impossible task of deciding which ones to buy and which ones to hold off on. While many games initially slated for release this year have now been pushed back to 2010, this year's holiday release schedule is still choc-full of AAA goodness. So IVG decided to do their bit to make the decisions just a little easier. The IVG writing staff members put their heads together to come up with the top 10 games for the rest of 2009 that demand your attention.

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neonlight453082d ago

They need to stop doing these kind of articles because we already know the top ten games this holiday season.

foxtheory3082d ago

It needs more publicity, it's looking amazing!! If anyone likes Mass Effect, check it out. You'll probably like it.

Demon's Souls is another one that needs more attention. All PS3 owners should at least know about it. All the reviews I've seen have never given it lower than an 8.

This holiday season's gonna be INSANE!! And 2010 will be even crazier....