GameBrit: Madden NFL 10 (PlayStation 3) Review

GameBrit writes: "Known as America's Game, American Football, or as American's call it 'Football', is one of the most watched sports in the world. The season's climax, the Superbowl generally receives higher TV viewing figures than any other programme in America. As this is the case, it must have a computer game to compliment the real thing. Endorsed by John Madden, one of the greatest American Football coaches and commentators of all time, Madden 10 is the 21st instalment in the primary American Football video game series.

As per the norm, a game can be started pretty much instantly: choose a team to play with, choose a team to play against, maybe change your kit to a late 60's throwback kit and then the fun can start. Stats for each team are provided on the loading screen, which gives an idea of who has the upper hand on the pitch. Snickers adverts are immediately apparent, cleverly manipulating words to create hilarious alternatives such as 'statisfying' and 'chompetition'..."

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