GameBrit: Batman: Arkham Asylum Review

GameBrit writes: "There seems to be an underlying problem with the majority of comic book-based video games: they don't appear to receive the love, care and respect that they deserve. While there are some quality titles, such as Spider-Man 2 and The Punisher, they're inevitably followed up by dross like Catwoman and (Oh, Christ) the abominable Superman 64. As a result, there was some consternation when Batman: Arkham Asylum was announced. It had a lot to live up to: it would need to please both fans and newcomers alike, make up for all the dire Batman efforts previously unleashed upon the public conscience and single-handedly raise the bar for all comic-book videogames to come. Developers Rocksteady relished the challenge and succeeded spectacularly, creating the finest comic book title to date.

It's been a long night for Batman and, having captured The Joker, things looks set to end as he escorts the clown to Arkham Asylum, Gotham City's local loony bin, after his night spent terrorising the mayor of the crime-ridden city. Once they're inside, however, The Joker initiates an island-wide lockdown while simultaneously freeing the inmates in an attempt to dispatch The Bat once and for all, setting in motion the events of the game..."

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