UnNamed Gaming Review: Darkest of Days

UnNamed Gaming writes: "Certainly most of you out there have wondered how a historical game would be if it had time travel components inlcuded, right? Have you ever wondered how a game would play out if you were able to be a part of real life battles that took place long ago? Lastly, have you ever thought of what a shooter would be like if you mixed an FPS with the movie Back to the Future? Well, then enter Darkest of Days, the latest title from Valcom Games and developer 8monkey Labs that is most definitely a historical shooter with a twist. In Darkest of Days, you play as Alexander Morris, a soldier that was part of General Custer's regiment. You were transferred here just days before The Battle of Little BigHorn, lucky you. As you and your fellow troops are all about to meet your inevitable demise, you are greeted by a time travel agent that shows up and warps you out. You are taken to the Kronotek facility and you learn that time travel is quite possible. It turns out that Kronotek is a time travelling agency that goes back in time to save certain soldiers that must live for one reason or another. You have been hand picked to join their ranks and to travel to different eras, including the Civil War, WW1 and WW2 to save different people and to help rewrite the past..."

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