360Junkies: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Hands-On Preview

360Junkies writes: "You know, it's kind of funny how hype for one or two titles can make one forget the exact release date of other games one has been patiently waiting for. You know you want the game. You know it's coming out this year. But, when the launch month comes up, you find you have completely forgotten that it was time for release already. That's what happened for me with Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. I adored the first game (my son & I had a ton of quality time on that one). I knew the sequel was coming in the fall. After checking it out at E3, I knew I wanted to own it. But with the hype surrounding Beatles: Rock Band (multiplatform) & some little indie title (Halo 3: ODST) coming on the Xbox 360, I completely forgot that Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 was also being released this month..."

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