SFX-360: NBA Live 10 Preview

SFX-360 writes: "Hello Hoop Fans! I have a preview for you today coming from EA and their NBA Live Franchise. For the past few years when we think an NBA game we think 2K because they have been the better game. With the developer blogs and gameplay videos that EA has been providing with fans this year, NBA Live is looking to be an incredible game. Instead of just looking at the game, the NBA Live demo was released yesterday and I was able to get some play in before I wrote this preview. So I will give you a heads up on the demo and what we can expect on October 6th.

The last Live game I played was NBA Live 06. I was in it for the Slam Dunk Competition to be honest but the gameplay didn't really impress me. Playing NBA Live 10 felt like a revelation because my love for basketball returned playing the demo. The Hangar is the first thing you will notice when you start up the demo and it shows Kobe, Howard, LeBron, and others on the court. You will be able to switch to each character and shoot around and get used to the controls but the look of the game was the best I have seen. The Hangar looks awesome and gameplay videos play on the big screens in the back..."

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