ESRB reveals Castlevania the Adventure ReBirth

The latest ESRB ratings contain an unannounced Castelvania game for the Nintendo Wii.

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SpoonyRedMage2898d ago

That's awesome! Thanks Konami!

RealityCheck2898d ago

I hope they will do like Muramasa and support classic controls.

Jamescagney2898d ago

Let's hope it's a return to form after Castlevania Judgment.

ChickeyCantor2898d ago

Its Rebirth, its the old games mixed with new levels that look like the old ones.

Product2898d ago

bring it Konami...then bring me a redo of the original Metal Gear.

ChickeyCantor2898d ago

They already did one for the Gameboy, and it wasn't for the official story line.
So would be awesome if Konami did something similar to Rebirth.

SpoonyRedMage2898d ago

Well then they could *try* to justify Snake's presence in SSBB.

knox2898d ago

awesome but is this confirmed for wiiware?

kesvalk2898d ago

rebirth is a wiiware series... so i think it will be wiiware...

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