5 Reasons Why Gran Turismo 5 Is The Best Racing Game Ever Made

YourEMGN Writes: "Gran Turismo 5 has been by far the best racing gaming we've ever encountered and we expect it to stay like that for a few more years. The graphics are unbelievable, gameplay is outstanding and you'll be shocked at how realistic it is. After seeing a few screenshots, it was hard to believe that we were looking at a video game".

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Madusha3179d ago

Let me know what you think. Share your reasons

Saaking3179d ago

Excellent article, very true.

EMGN3179d ago

As always, nicely done Madusha



I just love the way the dev team treat the game with so much respect. They never rush it and will not let it go gold unless it is the best they can make it. In an age where publishers want a game every year it is nice to see a dev team being allowed to nurture a game a get out every ounce of power from the PS3. TGS can't come fast enough for me, I need a release date!!

LiL T3179d ago

nice trailer.

@ article
I need only 2 reasons, I love cars and this game is on the PS3
ok maybe 3 The graphics are amazing.

sunnygrg3179d ago

I accept that the writer is pretty excited about GT5 and who isnt, but he should change the title of the game to "will be."
We haven't seen anything of GT5 yet except the GC footage and some screens.

ultimolu3179d ago

I so agree. I never doubted the power of GT. That is one awesome franchise.

randomwiz3178d ago

why it will be the best?

Kazunori Yamauchi has probably driven most of the cars in the game, so he makes sure it as close as possible

10 years ago, Yamauchi went to car manufactures, now, car manufactures approach Yamauchi

Domenikos3178d ago

The DRIVE of your FA******WKING LIFE

kalebgray923178d ago

Polyphony Digital, rockstar, naughty dog make the getaway for the ps3
have PD do the cars, rock* do the open world things, and naughty dog do the characters and story.... would be greatest game ever

N4GAddict3178d ago

I'll wait and see until the game is released to pass judgment.

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Saaking3179d ago

Because it's GT of course. The REAL driving simulator.

Battlefield3179d ago

How can they make the graphics sooo good? 0_0

Turn_103178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

I wish we knew their secret of making the game look and play so good

they have realistic graphics, we have unrealistic color heavy graphics.

Kleptic3178d ago

the secret?...thats easy...almost unlimited time, unlimited money, and director that is just as much a perfectionist as Kojima...and loves cars and racing as much as anyone that actually does it for a living...

Saaking3179d ago

Much better than flopza. More features, ONE disk, better graphics + gameplay, more cars. Flopza is competing with NFS shift, not GT5.

Clarence Callahan3179d ago

Hey guys, also remind gt5 has night racing and weather effects, which flopza doesn't have!

PS3PCFTW3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

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El Botto3179d ago

1) Its GRAN TURISMO, the most realistic racing sim!!!
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Crazyglues3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

I can't explain how Amazing the Graphics are, you really have to just see it for yourself on An HDTV or Computer Monitor to understand... (to say another game looks better is to basically say you don't know anything about graphics)

I get tired of explaining just how Amazing this Game is - So to cut it short, Let's just say it's PS3's defining Moment hands down.. and it's Unreal. :) Nothing on your highest end PC even comes close to GT5 and that pretty much says it all.

(why do you think PC gamers want the game to be ported to PC) -to that I would say, sorry guys but if you want to enjoy the best racing game ever, you need to buy a PS3..

||.........___||.......____|| I've been telling you Xbox 360 only users for years it was going to be amazing but deep down I think you always knew that Right..

(Well the good news is this Christmas is the best time to join the party, because Santa is putting GT5 under the tree this December for PS3 owners) So make sure Santa get's you a PS3 this year.. ..LoL (because in 2010 their won't be a good reason not to own one)

-Hope to see you soon online..

DonCorneo3178d ago

the best there is
and the best there ever will be

because stonecold said so

The XBOT3178d ago

largest library of games (check)
largest number of games above 70 (check)
best live exprience (check)
cheapest sku with the arcade to start gaming (check)
best Motion controls (check)
very good number of exclusives (check)
Best version of the multiplayer games (check)

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tysdash3179d ago


ZBlacktt3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

You can add having NASCAR and RALLY in there as well. Think of those two sports fan base. Every gamer has known GT is the ultimate driving simulator game. It first set the bar and everything else is using that game as to base to beat. Yet, it's long standing reputation speaks for itself. Only possible on the PS3.

good read.

EMGN3179d ago

Imagine how crap it would be on the RROD box 360

Madusha3179d ago

"Imagine how crap it would be on the RROD box 360 "

Sad, but true. Look at forza.