Resolution: The Void review

Resolution reviews the new game from Russian genre-defying Pathologic's developers. From the article: "It's very rarely fun. But it is a viciously beautiful, enormously interesting experience. Go in with unreasonable expectations and you'll find yourself quickly scared away. But those prepared for a trying, exhausting atmosphere piece, and those who are willing to look past a few technical hiccups, will find their most brilliant nightmares blossoming into life."

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MelaDarkwood3227d ago

Sounds pretty interesting, actually. Though with a little research, it looks like no one is 100% sure when it's coming out in the US thanks to delays. =\ (Estimate is now October 23rd, looks like.) Guess I'll just have to keep my eyes open for it, and hopefully save enough money for when it does finally reach here. =)

Elven63227d ago

Good review, these Russian games always have a interesting premise but lack the polish many of the Western titles do.