10 Facts About Halo Reach

Here are 10 facts that should give you a little more Halo Reach info!

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Saaking3175d ago

FAIL. Enough Halo already, do something new MS.

kevinx10003175d ago

i think 6 halo games is a perfect number for one of the best games ever made. a halo RTS just had to be there. it works great. ODST is a great extra and i agree that reach should be the last halo game. it's time for a new bungie I.P. after that. i just wonder how they're gonna give reach a good ending. halo 3 had a nice ending and that end of the war, end of the saga feel. halo reach will have a 'the battle has just begun' feel.


Saaking3175d ago

I hope this is the last Halo this gen. It's time to move on MS.

ASSASSYN 36o3175d ago

I will remember that when I see sonic, mario, solid snake, final fantasy, metroid, and ratchet & clank.

No only Halo needs to move on. Got it.

Microsoft Xbox 3603175d ago

Heres one important fact:

It's still Halo. The world renowned kiddie shooter.

kevinx10003175d ago

if we're talking kiddie shooters: ratchet and clank

patterson3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

1) It will be a mediocre FPS but...
2) it will sell millions upon millions and be heralded as the second coming.

Kushan3175d ago

HHG, please learn the definition of what a FACT is. Speculation does NOT make facts.