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Submitted by Ichiryoka 2345d ago | review

PS3Hyper Demon's Souls Review

Story-wise, Demon's Souls tells of a flourishing medieval kingdom which transcended into chaos because its king had accidentally awakened an ancient power, causing the kingdom to be enshrouded by a strange fog. As no one ever made it out of the fog, the outside world remained oblivious as to what really happened… or whether the population trapped within were still alive, for that matter.

One day, a survivor emerged from the fog and told the outside world of demons rampaging the kingdom, and that people trapped inside were either dying or going mad. And with the fog slowly spreading its way across the land, other heroes began making their ways into the fog in a desperate attempt to find the cause of the phenomenon and stop it before it was too late. (Demon's Souls, PS3) 5/5

Ichiryoka  +   2345d ago
This is

You know this..conrtibuting thing....

Edit: It was approved so fast I couldnt change the pic.
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Saaking  +   2345d ago
Yes it is, but can you fix the picture please. Get a bigger one to fit the box.
IcyJoker187  +   2345d ago
Triple'A'Station 3
GameGambits  +   2345d ago
This game does so much right. I hope there is a sequel in at least game mechanics.

My favorite part of Demon's Souls was the atmosphere that just oozes out every corner. This game sets the mood of its plot very well and retains it for the whole game. That's hard to do. :)
Genesis5  +   2345d ago
Alright that's it I'm off to EB Games to pre-order it. Guess I can't take the chance to buy off the shelf and miss out on this one.
Veneno  +   2345d ago
Pizzagaki = Another jealous Xbot. His child-like tantrum is so funny so watch!!!

EDit: Woah, wrong post!!!WTF happened?
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Defectiv3_Detectiv3  +   2345d ago
This game looks like what Fable should have been.
ReservoirDog316  +   2345d ago
This game looks really good but the extreme difficulty and that spider boss are holding me back.

Saaking  +   2345d ago
Damn, another excellent review. Gonna be great, only on PS3.
Pizzagaki  +   2345d ago
Yes, enjoy your title that you consider quality.
Then check the sales of this game and realize that you dont understand the meaning of quality and good.

You probably consider yourself to be part of a minor elite group that know better then the majority out there.
El Botto  +   2345d ago

Jump out, bots, and play beyond. Or stay stuck in last gen.
Shadow Haze501  +   2345d ago
your just jealous xbox cant make AAA games.
Pizzagaki  +   2345d ago
Actually, i am already in next gen with my dx 10.1 vid card.
Soon i will plug a dx11 card in my pc.
So you guys shouldnt act like you got the latest tech, blu ray is based on a 40 years old technology (optical media), and the ps3 itself cant even handle dx10.

I have a pc to remain up to date with the latest tech, and i have an xbox360 to play the defining exclusives.

PS3 = Unneeded.

360 cant make AAA?
360 got the most A+ rated games, and the highest selling software, even though its plagued by piracy.
Your ps3 is nothing but white noise when it comes to AAA.

Yes, very intelligent statement you just made.

Sales matter for one reason only, it attracts more games.
I am already guaranteed my next choice of console (xboxnext) will have the most awesome exclusives possible.
The ps3 however is in a sinking pit, and is bleeding its quality away.
Until it hits the sega road.
Killzone 3 will be an Xboxnext exclusive, just like how Sonic is now gracing on the nintendo platform.
And by going MS side, Guerrilla will have its biggest successes ever.
Only on the 360, games can set records.
The damn ps3 is keeping the developers from my own homecountry smaller then they should be.
Which is another reason to dislike the ps3.
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Shadow Haze501  +   2345d ago
Yea sure more lies from a delusional bot. What you dont trust your precious flopbox??

EDIT; I guess stupidy is contagiuos, Oh well.
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Panthers  +   2345d ago
"PS3 = Unneeded."

It is if you want to play Uncharted, Killzone, inFamous, GOW3, R&C, and an ever expanding list of exclusives.

But I mean if sales is all that matters, then you should just spend all day staring at VGChartz with your hardon.
Kamikaze135  +   2345d ago
So Wii Fit is the greatest game in the world then? Lol, sales don't determine the quality of a game. Sometimes great games sell well, and sometimes they don't. Grow up, kid and you'll realize that.
dustgavin  +   2345d ago
"have a pc to remain up to date with the latest tech, and i have an xbox360 to play the defining exclusives."

Yea. Like Halo:ODST which is basically a map pack running on the Halo 3 engine.
Saaking  +   2345d ago
Sales don't equal quality bot. SotC didn't sell much, but any true gamer will tell you it was one of the best games last gen, if not THE best. You fail.
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2345d ago
They should rename the PS3 to -
'Triple'A'Station 3' ;-P
SoapShoes  +   2345d ago
Everywhere I go Pizzagaki is making a fool out of himself and showing his fanboy colors. He's always calling people fanboys, but I think he's one of the biggest on this site.
N4G king  +   2345d ago
"Yes, enjoy your title that you consider quality.
Then check the sales of this game and realize that you dont understand the meaning of quality and good. "

its funny that you say this about this game
but in gt5 VS forza or any other game
you say
"wait fot reviews score"

"xbox360 to play the defining exclusives.
PS3 = Unneeded. "

and its funny that you say that about the PS3 yet it got mors AAA exclusives

Nikuma  +   2345d ago
Pizza is one of the most delusional/flat out retarded people I've ever seen post on this site. I'm glad that you have no chance with a woman because you breeding would be a travesty.
jBat17  +   2345d ago
loved that game
"The game hands you absolutely nothing, never holds your hand, and leaves you to sink or swim based entirely on your own ingenuity. In fact, the developers place such a strong emphasis on player independence that its quite possible to die within five steps after walking through the first gate (provided you're careless enough). I like to think of it as FromSoft's way of saying that the gauntlet is thrown."

"The reward of succeeding at a game like ... is similar to the feeling of accomplishment a person might get after making their way through a vast wilderness, or from standing atop the summit of a mountain after an arduous climb. So much of the players persona gets involved that it becomes more than a simple game—Its a challenge of your very mettle."

a lot of similarities but Demon's Souls will be better..
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Miraak82  +   2345d ago
man I want this game to release , got it preodered deluxe edition
nycredude  +   2345d ago

How the hell do you expect anyone to take you seriously with your stupid comments? It's obviously you are just a butthurt fanboy and Ps3 Hater.

You say people who love this will be in elite minority? So all the reviewers (every single so far weather well known or not) don't know what they are talking about? WHat are you going to do in the future when they give a game exclusive to your precious console good reviews? Can we then say that by your logic it BS score?

That first comment was stupid enough but then you go on to reinforce how retarded you are in a second comment stating you have Direct X 10.596494723784836428347193286 43 plus (/sarcasm) and that Ps3 is not need... Yeah sure I guess you can play GOW3, Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls, GT5, Heavy Rain, Last Guardian, Rachet and Clank, and countless other exclusives. In fact by your logic the 360 is more NOT need than the Ps3 since your PC with Direct X 10.596494723784836428347193286 43 plus (/sarcasm) can play 80% percent of the games your 360 has, and do it much better!

Congratulations Pizzagaki Achievement Unlocked...

FlatulentGhost  +   2345d ago
Awesome. This amazing game deserves the glowing reviews.

If there was one major PS3 exclusive in 2009 that I was certain was going to get poor quality reviews, it was Demon's Souls. I thought for sure we'd have reviewers crying about how challenging the game is and just slapping the standard 7 or 8/10 score on the game.
Bordel_1900  +   2345d ago
Just brilliant!
cmrbe  +   2345d ago
If DS keeps getting marks like this U2 better watch out. The knight might win over the theif.
Pizzagaki  +   2345d ago
Lol, and they complain about halo being overrated.
Gabe EatsWell  +   2345d ago
Because it IS overrated. Most overrated franchise EVER.
Pizzagaki  +   2345d ago
Most successful actually, Demon souls got nothing to offer, its sales will reflect that.
Overrated games dont sell.
IcyJoker187  +   2345d ago
Awww pizza's mad
More AAA's for us

Gaylo and Flopza for you.

"Sad Face"
Pizzagaki  +   2345d ago
Hah, exactly, il be playing forza and halo, youl youl be stucked with this overrated crap that only ps3fans that reside on n4g think is worth the purchase.

Its funny how theres a group of people on n4g that always acts like a certain exclusive is going to be the homecoming of jesus, like lair, haze, lbp, ratched, resistance and killzone2.
When i check the global sales of these titles afterward's i just laugh my ass off.

Forza2, 4,5 million copy's sold, Halo3, 10,5 million copy's sold.
The smile on my face after i check how much ps3 exclusives sell = priceless.

And yes, sales matter, quality equals high sales.
If something you think is quality doesnt sell, its time to redefine your opinion of quality.
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Noctis Aftermath  +   2345d ago
But halo is overrated, good game none the less.
this game overrated? lol fanboyism at least its mildly entertaining.

EDIT: Alright theres only so much i can take, Halo the most successful franchise? LOL its a successful one no doubt but come on, halo 3 is the only halo game thats sold over 10mil, ff7 done that alone, not to mention gran turismo.... oh thats right you heard of a thing called GRAND THEFT AUTO? san andreas alone sold 22mil copies you retard. sh1t if you want to look even more like an idiot go look up a thing called "Mario"... god damn if your gonna spout sh1t atleast make it sound real.

There are still a bunch of PS exclusives that haven't been released on the ps3, what has the xbox got waiting in terms of big names? basically nothing.
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FlipMode  +   2345d ago
"And yes, sales matter, quality equals high sales. "

Whoa, I guess when people called you retarded they weren't kidding.
Shadow Haze501  +   2345d ago
He thinks Halo is really AAA what a delusional bot.
raztad  +   2345d ago
Come on Pizza.

Why to bring in sales yet again? why the hatred?

Game is getting praise all across the board. Probably the best RPG so far on any platform this gen. Is that praise the very cause you are here hating Demons Souls? It's not a nice thing bro. Be a gamer.

@pizza bellow

Dude you need to take it easy. The last week of good PS3 sales and good news is really hurting you.

Demons Souls sold enough just in Japan to warrant a sequel. Atlus is bringing the game to NA. I'm sure they have low expectations for it. It's a unknown ip, and somewhat niche game. I hope it does well enough, I think 500K copies sold in NA would an awesome number for this game.

@pizza bellow

Gamercritic review (this review is still on main page): 9.5/10
Eurogamer (xbox's fans heaven) : 9/10

and several others are praising DS.
#6.8 (Edited 2345d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Pizzagaki  +   2345d ago
Why not bring sales.

Remember that?
Sales matter, if something is good, people are more eligible to buy a product, if a product aint good, it just wont sell very much.
Thats the core principle of business.

If you people dont understand business you should just go and play the games, and not discuss them, anyone that discusses games has to face the fact that sales define success.

If i would work for Capcom HQ, and tell them that sales done matter, they would toss me out of the window.
A bad sales projection does not make good games.

Btw people, your all avoiding my statements and respond with stupid off topic remarks.
Truth hurts doesnt it?

@flipmode below
I would consider it a punishment to play Demon souls.
EDIT: These reviewers are ps3fanboys.
They will just claim something is gold, so they dont have to look up to 360 reviewers.

@noctis omitto.
Dude, very mature.
Youre scared to stay ontopic are you not.

Your not hurt that i call you Noctis Omitto are you?

Another offtopic comment.
You like making a fool out of people who are smarter then you, dont you?

Unknown ip, huh, low expectations huh.
Mass effect, Gears of war, Halo, Forza, Alan wake, Fable.
All newcomers, all started at the first title by selling millions.
The new ip, low sales excuse is only used for niche titles that suck.
And lets not take these two reviews seriously, cuz you guys never take them serious when they review an xbox game.
How the f do you expect me to take them serious when you come running to me with a positive ps3 review from them.
Then i just smirk with an insulted look on my face.

Wii sports = most brilliant business move ever!
Nintendo got something that Sony lacks, marketing power.
A good marketing move is indeed quality, the games sells a lot, and 90 % of the people who bought it love it.
So yes, Wii sports is one of the greatest games ever, Casual is not officially a genre, thanks to Nintendo.
So i wouldnt look down on the casual genre, cause theres a lot of potential and success in it.

And when it comes to Forza and GT, i look at attach rate, imagine if the 360 would have sold 120 million times by now, like the ps2 did back then.
Then halo would sell 75 million copy's, and Forza would sell 40 million copy's.
Just face it, Sony isnt in the market for us gamers, thats why i chose a 360, cuz i am a gamer.
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FlipMode  +   2345d ago
Pizza I hope you keep going, your making my day.

Best Part is I get to play Demon Souls another AAA and you don't!


EDIT-"I would consider it a punishment to play Demon souls."

Well reviewers say otherwise XD can't wait to play it and Uncharted 2 !

Edit-"These reviewers are ps3fanboys.
They will just claim something is gold, so they dont have to look up to 360 reviewers."

So EuroGamer are PS3 Fanboys for giving it a 9/10? Hahahah your to easy kid these good news for PS3 must be KILLING you. LOL!

Can't wait to play it!
#6.10 (Edited 2345d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Noctis Aftermath  +   2345d ago
Lol of course you would consider playing this game punishment, cause it would require you to use this thing> for the first time in your 12year old life.
UnSelf  +   2345d ago
cmon ppl lets plz plzzzzzzz keep bubbling up pizza. his comments are as stupid as he looks and i need some entertainment this morning.

bubs + pizza, or go switch to ur ugli ass cookie account so we can further assess how dumb an xbot truly is

and btw u dumb fk, u DONT work for capcom so ur entire 30 posts are null. thats why yr gettin laughed at cuz ur talkin sales and 'If' stories but sales has absolutely nuttin to do wit u personally.

Sales make betta games lol. So halo and gears must be the exceptions huh

edit: how is the latter part of my post off topic. i seem to be the only one who countered and thwarted your sales logic. read it again or should i burn my post to a CD so u can listen to it?
#6.12 (Edited 2345d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ZOMBIEMAN1  +   2345d ago
@ Pizza
well than i guess Wii Sports is the greatest game ever made because it sh!ts all over Halo with it's sales number , teh salez doesn't matter dumbfvck , Ico an amazing PS2 game did it sell Halo numbers ? no does it take away from the quality ? no sales doesn't make a game better or worse and by your logic the GT series is way better than Forza , Forza 1 sold only 1 million while GT1 sold 10 million Forza 2 sold 4 million GT 2 sold another 10 million i don't know how much Forza 3 will sell but it won't sell nearly as much as GT5 it will sell 9 to 10 million since all full GT games sell around that number , really pizza get a life your here always trying to bring down PS3 just because you don't have 1 and it's getting alot of amazing games really ppl like you make me wanna do things i won't type because i don't wanna get banned again from open zone so GTFO you piece of sh1t 360 freak
talltony  +   2345d ago
PIZZA is on damage control today.
He said,"And yes, sales matter, quality equals high sales."

Ok Quality equals high sales really??? lmao that couldnt be further from the truth. For example ummmm yea you know that little white box CALLED THE WII? Yea? well Wii Sports!!! nuff said!
Did you ever once consider that since the 360 has been the cheapest console the longest this gen and other than the wii, it has the most little kids on it? Dont you think guys in power ranger suits will appeal to those kids? Dnt you think all they have to do is ask their parents for something called HALO? What parent wouldnt buy something called HALO for their kid? lmao! All big sales for halo are mostly from the kids, which is why you hear tons of kids swearing, and being racist on it. The PS3 does not appeal to the same crowd as the 360 and you know this. More kids on 360 = more sales not more quality. You need to fix your definition of Quality not me.
Wait a sec how well did crysis sell?? Isnt that quality?

You also dnt take in account that advertising does anything for a game sales. If you advertise a mediocre game dnt you think its gonna sell more advertised then unadvertised??
#6.14 (Edited 2345d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
FlipMode  +   2345d ago
lololololoololol Pizza's outa bubbles!

Cant wait to play DS!!!!!!
raztad  +   2345d ago

You are fighting against logic dude.

Out of all those games, only TWO are actually rpg. One of them was almost the only decent rpg on the first xbox (so it's far from being a new ip) and ME didnt sell very well. By your logic ME was a resounding flop.

NVM, you cant be helped. I guess you are just jelous as many here are pointing out. Good luck playing $60 Halo:expansion pack.
ZOMBIEMAN1  +   2345d ago
@ Pizza
tell me your not serious because that's the biggest load of bullsh!t i've heard my life your no gamer i'm a gamer my best friend is a gamer you are not you care more about sales numbers and which console is better that's not a gamer a gamer is someone that plays games for the love of it and doesn't matter what game is better than the other he just wants to play games and doesn't care for which console as long as he can play it a true gamer doesn't go bash a system he doesn't own just because he doesn't own it a gamer doesn't think about that and you pizza are no gamer and bring shame to both the 360 community and the gamer community for your fanboy ways they've blinded you and made you in to a dumb motherfvcker you aren't worth the time i feel srry for you , you can't enjoy what you have without trying to insult your console of choices competition you are 1 sad little man
Saaking  +   2345d ago
Halo is overrated, now start loosing some bubbles you piece of sh1t.
patterson  +   2345d ago
Pizzagaki you're really a hopeless case hahahahahaha!

Wow, anyway back on topic... Demon Souls is getting nothing but stellar reviews, even by Eurogamer (!!! how is that possible).

This has become a first day buy for me now. Looking forward to being "immersed" as one reviewer put it.
leyego  +   2345d ago
pizzaface dude ur really but hurt right now arnt u?

i bet hes creaming his pants at the shear thought of this game. i bet he wants to play it so bad, but hes so poor, that all he can do is argue the opposite.

the more u post the more i think ur still a child. go get a job.
biggame901  +   2345d ago
Be a gamer, not a hater.
You're really a laugh, pizza. The game is getting high praise from everyone, yet you keep hating. And much worse, you're taking a bunch of nonsense and looking more and more like a foolish child.

"Sales equal quality." Really? So according to this, Wii Fit and Wii Sports are the best games this generation. Hmm. Interesting.

You don't like the game. Fine. But, don't come in here, crying and whining and bringing that "sales equals quality" garbage. It only makes you look even more pitiful than you really are.

You have fun playing your $60 expansion to the overrated Halo 3. Meanwhile, I'll enjoying playing a high quality game in Demon's Souls.
N4G king  +   2345d ago
nice damage control
ZuperAmazingCooKie  +   2345d ago
Wow, they seriously weren't kidding when they said you are retarded.

Quality doesn't always equal sales, it requires plenty of marketing, and by that I don't only mean publicity, I mean reaching a target audience; psychonauts, Okami, ICO, etcetera would have sold better if they were about a retarded green power ranger that tries to pass off its story as "just as good as star wars" (LMFAO). But anyway, a lot of developers have been inspired by these games, so much that they are modelling their games based on these innovative titles and using these ideas in generic looking games so that tards like you can enjoy them.

And no, sales doesn't equal quality either. But if that's your definition of quality, go jack off with Wii Fit, dipsh1t.
Gabe EatsWell  +   2345d ago
Poor bots. They feel like having a heart attack everytime they read a positive review for a PS3 exclusive.
UnSelf  +   2345d ago
u need a heart to have a heart attack

they only have 3 red rings in their chests
Ron_Burgundy  +   2345d ago
Poor bots
5/5 rating, :-(

:P :P :P :P :P :P :P

cry me a river bots :P :P

Related image(s)
Panthers  +   2345d ago
I havent been keeping up with this game as much as I should have. Does this game have online co-op?

EDIT: Posted before reading article. Got my answer. Could someone describe it to me though. Like can you play through the entire game co-op? All I could find was that you can play through different levels co-op.
#9 (Edited 2345d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
raztad  +   2345d ago
From what I've read, dont expect a full coop experience. You can interact with others, fight or help them, or others can try to kill you or help you at certain points of the game. Demons Souls is a SP experience and the online component just enhances it.
#9.1 (Edited 2345d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
pippoppow  +   2345d ago
Played import ver. You can call 2 players (chosen at random) to assist you but they will only last until they die,you die or until the end of the level. Also you can break into another players game for some vs action. There is a part in the game where somwething happens which has never happened before in any game I played. It was one of those rare WOW WTF moments.
#9.2 (Edited 2345d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Da One  +   2345d ago
Ive had my game broken into
sucks if you lose
Rip-Ridah  +   2345d ago
@ Panther
This should help to answer any questions you have regarding the online gameplay mechanics of Demon's Souls. Directly from the Publishers/Developers mouth to boot. Enjoy:
#9.4 (Edited 2345d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Peter Chao  +   2345d ago
Very nice score
Praystations games do very nice these days
Chao ouside Mudda Fvkkaa
#10 (Edited 2345d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Sarcasm  +   2345d ago
This really came out of nowhere. From Software really hit all the right marks it seems. Excellent!
Bathyj  +   2345d ago
Its really unexpected. From Software of all places.

If they could do this to Tenchu I think my head would crack from smiling.
Madis007  +   2345d ago
Great game but its only 14h long :(
divideby0  +   2345d ago
with the amount of times you are gonna die, I have a hard time believing its only 14 hrs

this game is getting glowing reviews
Ryo-Hazuki  +   2345d ago
I have the import version....
You're out of you're mind if you think DS is only 14 hrs long. That game is easily 30+ hours long...even more depending on how fast you figure things out.
pippoppow  +   2345d ago
Yeah, took me 40hrs to beat it. Then you can continue with all your experience and items but the enemies difficulty setting is increased so it seems like your starting all over again. There are also a lot of extra items some may want to get and maxing out the character will take at least a couple of playthroughs.
Armyless  +   2345d ago
Madis007, do everyone here a favor...
If you don't know what the hell you're talking about, don't embarrass yourself and contribute stupid comments that have no bearing in reality.
Darkfiber  +   2345d ago
Haha, idiot read the review from Game Critics that said the reviewer only played the game for 14 hours but it clearly said he DID NOT beat it yet. That doesn't mean the game is 14 hours, moron. You can put hundreds of hours into this.
Kamikaze135  +   2345d ago
I love how Pizzagaki is trying to fight off every single person interested in this game all on his own. This guy must be one really deluded fanboy.
dustgavin  +   2345d ago
His parents are out of town and his uncle forgot to come by and administer his meds.
shinobi333  +   2345d ago
well it took me over 100hrs to finish cus im just one of those guys that loves to collect everything and flesh out as much of the story as possible....also demons souls is the best game ive played this yr and i've pretty much pick up everthing that has been released to this point that im even gonna buy the collectors addition when it arrives here in the states.
shinobi333  +   2345d ago
pizzagaki is the worst kind of gamer there is...the kind that gets caught up in the hype of games that the masses recommend.

man listen for once in ur life why dont u go and pick up something microsoft isnt telling u to buy u douch bag
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2345d ago
'3' is the Magic Number...
'PlayStation 3' is the Magic Number...

#16 (Edited 2345d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Aquarius  +   2345d ago
"enjoy your title that you consider quality. Then check the sales of this game and realize that you dont understand the meaning of quality and good.

I bet this guy hasn't got a Wii. He's two-faced.

"You probably consider yourself to be part of a minor elite group that know better then the majority out there."

I think you just described youself mate.

Answer me this question, Pizzagaki. Do you consider Wii Fit quality?
#17 (Edited 2345d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ninjamonkey  +   2345d ago

Even if this doesnt come out in the UK I will definatewly be getting this =D
Obama  +   2345d ago
Pizzagaki's favorite movie is Hannah Montana and his favorite novel is Twilight. Don't you guys know???
Aquarius  +   2345d ago
Pizzagaki's favorite movie is Tinkerbell and ( omg, i think its a she-male ) its favorite novel is The Ugly Duckling.
#19.1 (Edited 2345d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ticklechamp  +   2345d ago
kings field 5 here i come. finally a ps3 version.can't wait.
JonnyBigBoss  +   2345d ago
If you asked me a week ago if I wanted this game, I would have said "Yeah, I'll get it sometime next year."

Now it's turning into a must have. I NEED THIS GAME NOW!
ticklechamp  +   2345d ago
looks like we have one angry
UnDone14  +   2345d ago
Pizzagaki is choking his masterchief doll
Another AAA rpg for PS3, meanwhile Xbox 1.5 has ZERO. They have garbage rpgs. LMAO!
foxtheory  +   2345d ago
Another great PS3 exclusive
Sony's rolling out AAA's like crazy!! Demon's Souls, I welcome you!!
Nikuma  +   2345d ago
I've Imported it. I've played it. I love it. I recommend it.

Getting the US special edition for sure.
nycredude  +   2345d ago
WTF wrong post...

Anyway one of the best game this gen pick it up!
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p3rf3ct_gam3r  +   2344d ago
Can't wait to pick up this game!

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