PS3Hyper Demon's Souls Review

Story-wise, Demon's Souls tells of a flourishing medieval kingdom which transcended into chaos because its king had accidentally awakened an ancient power, causing the kingdom to be enshrouded by a strange fog. As no one ever made it out of the fog, the outside world remained oblivious as to what really happened… or whether the population trapped within were still alive, for that matter.

One day, a survivor emerged from the fog and told the outside world of demons rampaging the kingdom, and that people trapped inside were either dying or going mad. And with the fog slowly spreading its way across the land, other heroes began making their ways into the fog in a desperate attempt to find the cause of the phenomenon and stop it before it was too late.

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Ichiryoka3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

This is

You know this..conrtibuting thing....

Edit: It was approved so fast I couldnt change the pic.

Saaking3144d ago

Yes it is, but can you fix the picture please. Get a bigger one to fit the box.

GameGambits3144d ago

This game does so much right. I hope there is a sequel in at least game mechanics.

My favorite part of Demon's Souls was the atmosphere that just oozes out every corner. This game sets the mood of its plot very well and retains it for the whole game. That's hard to do. :)

Genesis53144d ago

Alright that's it I'm off to EB Games to pre-order it. Guess I can't take the chance to buy off the shelf and miss out on this one.

Veneno3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Pizzagaki = Another jealous Xbot. His child-like tantrum is so funny so watch!!!

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Defectiv3_Detectiv33143d ago

This game looks like what Fable should have been.

ReservoirDog3163143d ago

This game looks really good but the extreme difficulty and that spider boss are holding me back.


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Saaking3144d ago

Damn, another excellent review. Gonna be great, only on PS3.

Pizzagaki3144d ago

Yes, enjoy your title that you consider quality.
Then check the sales of this game and realize that you dont understand the meaning of quality and good.

You probably consider yourself to be part of a minor elite group that know better then the majority out there.

El Botto3144d ago


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Lord_Ranos3144d ago

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Pizzagaki3144d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

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360 cant make AAA?
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Yes, very intelligent statement you just made.

Sales matter for one reason only, it attracts more games.
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The ps3 however is in a sinking pit, and is bleeding its quality away.
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And by going MS side, Guerrilla will have its biggest successes ever.
Only on the 360, games can set records.
The damn ps3 is keeping the developers from my own homecountry smaller then they should be.
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Lord_Ranos3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

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Panthers3144d ago

"PS3 = Unneeded."

It is if you want to play Uncharted, Killzone, inFamous, GOW3, R&C, and an ever expanding list of exclusives.

But I mean if sales is all that matters, then you should just spend all day staring at VGChartz with your hardon.

Kamikaze1353143d ago

So Wii Fit is the greatest game in the world then? Lol, sales don't determine the quality of a game. Sometimes great games sell well, and sometimes they don't. Grow up, kid and you'll realize that.

dustgavin3143d ago

"have a pc to remain up to date with the latest tech, and i have an xbox360 to play the defining exclusives."

Yea. Like Halo:ODST which is basically a map pack running on the Halo 3 engine.

Saaking3143d ago

Sales don't equal quality bot. SotC didn't sell much, but any true gamer will tell you it was one of the best games last gen, if not THE best. You fail.

SoapShoes3143d ago

Everywhere I go Pizzagaki is making a fool out of himself and showing his fanboy colors. He's always calling people fanboys, but I think he's one of the biggest on this site.

N4G king3143d ago

"Yes, enjoy your title that you consider quality.
Then check the sales of this game and realize that you dont understand the meaning of quality and good. "

its funny that you say this about this game
but in gt5 VS forza or any other game
you say
"wait fot reviews score"

"xbox360 to play the defining exclusives.
PS3 = Unneeded. "

and its funny that you say that about the PS3 yet it got mors AAA exclusives


Nikuma3143d ago

Pizza is one of the most delusional/flat out retarded people I've ever seen post on this site. I'm glad that you have no chance with a woman because you breeding would be a travesty.

jBat173143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

"The game hands you absolutely nothing, never holds your hand, and leaves you to sink or swim based entirely on your own ingenuity. In fact, the developers place such a strong emphasis on player independence that its quite possible to die within five steps after walking through the first gate (provided you're careless enough). I like to think of it as FromSoft's way of saying that the gauntlet is thrown."

"The reward of succeeding at a game like ... is similar to the feeling of accomplishment a person might get after making their way through a vast wilderness, or from standing atop the summit of a mountain after an arduous climb. So much of the players persona gets involved that it becomes more than a simple game—Its a challenge of your very mettle."

a lot of similarities but Demon's Souls will be better..

Miraak82 3143d ago

man I want this game to release , got it preodered deluxe edition

nycredude3143d ago


How the hell do you expect anyone to take you seriously with your stupid comments? It's obviously you are just a butthurt fanboy and Ps3 Hater.

You say people who love this will be in elite minority? So all the reviewers (every single so far weather well known or not) don't know what they are talking about? WHat are you going to do in the future when they give a game exclusive to your precious console good reviews? Can we then say that by your logic it BS score?

That first comment was stupid enough but then you go on to reinforce how retarded you are in a second comment stating you have Direct X 10.596494723784836428347193286 43 plus (/sarcasm) and that Ps3 is not need... Yeah sure I guess you can play GOW3, Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls, GT5, Heavy Rain, Last Guardian, Rachet and Clank, and countless other exclusives. In fact by your logic the 360 is more NOT need than the Ps3 since your PC with Direct X 10.596494723784836428347193286 43 plus (/sarcasm) can play 80% percent of the games your 360 has, and do it much better!

Congratulations Pizzagaki Achievement Unlocked...


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FlatulentGhost3144d ago

Awesome. This amazing game deserves the glowing reviews.

If there was one major PS3 exclusive in 2009 that I was certain was going to get poor quality reviews, it was Demon's Souls. I thought for sure we'd have reviewers crying about how challenging the game is and just slapping the standard 7 or 8/10 score on the game.

cmrbe3144d ago

If DS keeps getting marks like this U2 better watch out. The knight might win over the theif.