Who Will Win? Solid Snake vs Sam Fisher

"In the great tradition of epic misunderstandings that lead to earth-shattering superhero throw-downs, we pit two super spies against each other. Never has there been two more evenly matched opponents: Metal Gear Solid's Solid Snake vs Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher! Two master spies who've each saved the world many times over. But now when they fight, they fight to save their own lives.

Oh the mayhem! Oh the bloodshed!

Find out who wins here..."

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swingingape3141d ago

Kinda a no-brainer. It's Solid Snake of course!

tinman_licks3141d ago

Sam Fisher has worked for CIA adn Navy SEAL and 3rd Echelon. He is a master at hand-to hand combat and is silent killer. Plus he is deadly in the dark. Sam Fisher will kill Snake before he even realizes someone is there

Saaking3141d ago

They shouldn't even compare. Solid Snake is classic, been around for decades. Fisher is just a no-name newbie not even in the same leagues as Solid Snake.

DelbertGrady3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Snake would start by stealth fondling Sam and rubbing his 'stashe against his lips in the dark. Then he would sneak up behind him and strangle him with his thong. When he's done he goes back to hiding under his box of shame.

On a serious note, Ryu Hayabusa would win by mass decapitation.

tinman_licks3141d ago

Plus Solid Snake is old. Because he is a clone he is dying fast. Fisher will take out geriatric snake. lol

DixieNormS3141d ago

Snake is old and Fake. Just like his nano suit. Sam Fisher is a more realistic spy. I will go with Fisher. But I love MGS.

gamesR4fun3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

msg4 snake fully loaded vs the las sam fisher id say its def gonna b snake.

heck even chuck noris fears a rail gun XD

El_Colombiano3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

"Sam Fisher has worked for CIA adn Navy SEAL and 3rd Echelon. He is a master at hand-to hand combat and is silent killer. Plus he is deadly in the dark"

And Snake is Snake. Sam loses.

"heck even chuck noris fears a rail gun XD "

Wrong. The Rail Gun fears Chuck Norris.

Madusha3141d ago

Snake will definitely own.

RememberThe3573141d ago

They're both fake, smart one...

But I'd give the nod to Snake because he freakin surgical. Just look at all the stuff he's done. He'd win on experience alone.

tnator3141d ago

Both Snake and Sam teaming up couldn't defeat Chuck.

Nikuma3141d ago

Hmmmmmm a legendary hero vs. Sam Fisher.... wow that's a tough one.(sarcasm)

el_bandito3141d ago

Yup good ol' Snake is getting frail and cranky, but no way could Sam go in the thick of the battle and survive while flipping through pages of Playboy like Solid did.

Sarcasm3141d ago

Snake has taken out a Metal Gear Rex running on foot.

He's also taken out a Cyborg Ninja with a 7 foot blade.

He even crawled through a Giant Microwave and made it alive.

My bet's on Snake.

Microsoft Xbox 3603141d ago

Sam Fischer is a nobody just like the entire Splinter Cell series. It's a poor man's MGS.

sunnygrg3141d ago

All Snake needs to do is lay out the Playboy trap.

Nelson M3141d ago

Because I'll Have Control of Snake
And I Will Strike Down on Sam Fishnet Stockings with Great Vengeance and with Furious Anger

LiL T3141d ago

@sunny, yeah but if sam seen that he would get confused because hes never seen a naked girl kinda like his fanbase.

morganfell3140d ago

Sam's tough but Snake is a genetically engineered super soldier.

Then there is mental toughness. Snake has lost plenty of people close to him yet he drove on. Fisher loses one family member and he was shattered.

Defeat greatest soldier ever? Check.
Twice? Check.
Defeat genetically engineered army? Check.
Defeat multiple bipedal nuclear tanks? Check.
Defeat a hind? Check.
Defeat death at his own game? Check.

There is a reason that Solid Snake is called the man who makes the impossible, possible.

irish-leprecaun3140d ago

some say that beneath snakes octo-cam lies chuck norris.

NewZealander3140d ago

snake hands down!

i finally picked up mgs4 when i got my slim and its truly a masterpiece, ive played a bit of splinter cell over the years, and to be honest its probably got more in common with syphon filter then it dose mgs.

both great games but mgs wins in every way possible.

SaiyanFury3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Snake defies death to defeat his enemies. There are so many to speak of, but he always triumphs. Even if he's 70 years old, he still manages to defeat his enemies. Age equals ability, and that alone is why Old Snake wins. He can sneak in and defeat entire armies even though he's become an old man. Snake defeats Liquid Ocelot despite his age, and Ocelot's age advantage. Old Snake rocks.

Sarcasm3140d ago

People keep saying Old Snake isn't as good as when he was in his prime. Did you all forget, that crazy mo-fo took out four crazy @$$ women in super advanced mechanical suits?

solidt123140d ago

Snake would beat him with some CQC

RadientFlux3140d ago

depends on who has the better hiding spot

JoySticksFTW3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Hey, I respect Sam and can't wait for the next Splinter Cell (it looks insane), but Sam vs...

Metal Gears, The Beauty and the Beasts, Gekkos, MGS1's Fox Hound Unit, a giant Microwave, the "immortal" Vamp, and Big Boss (the original Snake and "Legendary Soldier" himself)?

Sam couldn't even take on Old Snake, nevermind Solid Snake


Snake's adventures are legendary. Man, even Snake's Mullet is legendary. Solid Snake wins.

calis3140d ago

"Sam Fisher has worked for CIA adn Navy SEAL and 3rd Echelon. He is a master at hand-to hand combat and is silent killer. Plus he is deadly in the dark. Sam Fisher will kill Snake before he even realizes someone is there"

Solid Snake defeated Metal Gear REX on his own.

You've just been Spypwnd

Zydake3140d ago

Snake would own his ass with his stun knife and a pack of cigs. Then Kojima would come out of a box and say did you rike it ?

GCNSean3140d ago

This one is easy... Big Boss would beat them all!

Theonik3140d ago

"I'm no hero never was never will be..." Solid Snake

kunit22c3140d ago

and some say Chuck Norris is just one of Snake's suites.

F N A Pepper3140d ago

have to go with Fisher, though i like snake, i really believe when it comes to realistic feeling spy that fisher is bad arse on this one. you don't have to agree or disagree, its just my opinion based on my playing all the games in both series.

ID IR A G 0 N3140d ago

who gives a sh*t... games are fun

ShadowCK3140d ago

Don't know and I don't care.

I prefer Sam compared to Snake due to him being more realistic and having plenty of personality, regardless of how many people hug Snakes balls.

"I take no joy in killing, but make no mistake; I'll do what needs to be done. Because it's my job. It's my duty."

randomwiz3140d ago

snake puts on Big Boss face camo (obtaining it is next to impossible in MGS4)

when Sam Fisher approaches, he starts screaming, holding his head, and crouching, just like everyone else that sees you when you wear Big Boss face camo.

DaTruth3140d ago

The question was; Which hero is more badass? Not which console are you a fanboy of, place corresponding hero here?

If you go by the facts; One has taken down things the other fears on TV and in the movies. This is not an opinion piece!

I personally was dreading meeting up with the B&B squad; They looked like I wouldn't be able to beat them. But it was not me, it was Snake.... invoking the spirit of Chuck Norris!

MazzingerZ3140d ago

If they could ever met, what in reallity would happen would be Fisher asking Snake for his autograph

Nikuma3140d ago

Sniper Wolf: "A man like're a hero."

pixelsword3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

...but I'll still read 5 teh lolz.

Domenikos3140d ago

Just look at Snake´s enemies... Fisher will pee his pants in front of Metal Gear Rex.

Sniper W
4 Beasts
etc... etc...

XLiveGamer3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

In Solid Snake World? Solid Snake

In Sam Fisher World? Sam Fisher

In this site? Solid Snake

But in reality? Sam Fisher... WHY? because the world of Solid Snake is unreal but the Sam Fisher World is more closer to the real deal.

@ 2.1 - Saaking
Snake would never team up with someone like fisher.

Why because your avatar name is Saaking and you just commented that?
are you a PS3 fanatic? Because you just posted like one.

Anyway... that was boring.

IdleLeeSiuLung3140d ago

LMFAO!!! Funny as hell.

"Snake would start by stealth fondling Sam and rubbing his 'stashe against his lips in the dark. Then he would sneak up behind him and strangle him with his thong. When he's done he goes back to hiding under his box of shame.

On a serious note, Ryu Hayabusa would win by mass decapitation."

Agreed! Ryu will win all!

evrfighter3140d ago

sam fisher can fps twitch shot.

it would be a .245 second battle

fisher instant win. BOOM! headshot

Dandiego3140d ago

I have nothing to add...

EL MAESTRO3140d ago

I prefer sam..1st cuz thats also my for real though its always about preference ofcourse but i do like splinter cell better cuz its not so over the top. MGS games have an over the top bad guys and way out of our current time tech. Everything is way over in the future and some other times will just never happen. Obviously these are all video games so exsageration is expected, but splinter seems a bit more believable.

AKNAA3140d ago

sam fisher will even come close to defeating any of the bosses in MGS4.

DevastationEve3140d ago

snake wishes he had a 1080p enis :\

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tinman_licks3141d ago

Uh no. Did you even play Splinter Cell. Guy is a badass

Saaking3141d ago

Agreed, fisher doesn't even come close.

Darkeyes3141d ago

Who cares... Just throw in Kratos and rest is history...

N4G king3141d ago

"Uh no. Did you even play Splinter Cell. Guy is a badass"

yah he is soo bad ass he kills LIGHT BULBS
i mean damn that guy just gives all the light bulbs nightmares

commodore643141d ago

Truth is,

Snake is an old man.
He smoked all his life and suffered record cortisol levels due to his stressful job. No doubt he has high blood pressure and the onset of Alzheimers is also a possibility.

He will probably have a coughing fit, then a heart-attack, before they even get started with the fisticuffs.

Sam Fisher just needs to show up and he has won.

General Jewels3140d ago

Sam Fisher....He is more experience and more stealthy then snake, upside down neck break. CHECK. Wall Jump Spilts. CHECK Snake cant do those. sorry.

PlayStation X3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

your a idiot, do you even know what stealth means??
snake can complete entire games without getting seen or killing people.

General Jewels3140d ago

I agree Snake is wayyyy cooler than sam fished, i am more fan of snake then sam fisher which i dont even care about, BUT just to give sam fisher some back up, hey snake cant do upside down neck break or the splits between walls can he now?

kevinx10003140d ago

i don't give a poop but i know Snake's stealth tactics are horrible.

The XBOT3140d ago

Solid snake, what a homosexual name. (solid snake as in HARD COKC!)

largest library of games (check)
largest number of games above 70 (check)
best live exprience (check)
cheapest sku with the arcade to start gaming (check)
best Motion controls (check)
very good number of exclusives (check)
Best version of the multiplayer games (check)

kevinx10003139d ago

i know what you mean. snake likes to grab man and statues at their balls. that sounds like a very bad joke but he actually does that a lot ingame.

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Saaking3141d ago

hahahahaahahahahahahahah!!! Solid Snake wins, but it's so funny they're comparing him, one of the greatest characters in video games, to one of the lamest, most dull, terrible characters.

Madusha3141d ago

Agreed, snake eats fish(er) for breakfast XD

ape0073141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

we want both SNAKE and SAM to team up and take on a the tag team champions of the world THE LEGION OF DOOM

Saaking3141d ago

Snake would never team up with someone like fisher.

RememberThe3573141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

What? Where is that logic? Fisher is is a badass. Snake would work with him, no problem. They'd kick ass together too.

Eiffel3141d ago

I knew you sucked. But I didn't know you swallowed too.

Come now. Snake and Fisher could work together.