No Plans For a Downloadable Street Fighter IV

Anoop Gantayat: Were you hoping for a downloadable version of Street Fighter IV so that you wouldn't have to switch out discs in order to get in a quick match? Then your hopes may have just been dashed by Capcom blogstress queen, Natsuki Shiozawa.

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Nihilism3235d ago

long live physical media!

ZBlacktt3235d ago

Man, I've been playing this game often lately. I must suck because it's damn hard to get all these trophies, lol. It's like ultra hard to beat the game on hard level. Heck, the normal is not so easy. But on hard, you need reflexes of a cat and eyes of an eagle. Then you'll see many times your moves are canceled out so the computer player can just own you. Gets old time and time again.