Rumour: DSi Price Cut In North America Tomorrow

Nintendo aren't one to generally drop price, especially when a product hasn't been out very long. However, our source, who works for Toys 'R' Us in Canada, has let us know that there will be a price cut for the Nintendo DSi tomorrow.

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Kyll2992d ago

good thing I'm in Canada >D

qface642992d ago

i doubt this is true im not holding my breath

but if it was im gonna get my a dsi

Sarcasm2992d ago

Couldn't they have just did a price cut on the Wii instead? The DSi is still selling like crazy. Weird.

fan_of_gaming2992d ago

futureshop and best buy have the new pink and white ones on for $184.99, perhaps Toys R Us is going to match them and that's what they mean by price drop?

genkis3002992d ago

now let the psp go drop

N4GAddict2992d ago

Price wars will benefit the consumers.

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The story is too old to be commented.