FF13's $100 price tag and its meaning

FF13's price tag in Japan was announced to be approximately $100 in USD and shocked many. This article describes the circumstances in which it rose to that price and compares it to recent price increases in console games.

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Grandreaper99993015d ago

Wow... As if things weren't complicated enough for that title.

skatezero2463015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

still getting this game although square-enix has lost alot of respect(no it's not because of ff13 going to the 360) from me this gen. hopefully they can make it up to alot of gamers like myself with this game

3015d ago
gamfreak3015d ago

Wada is a jerk and an a**hole as well.

ps921173015d ago

Either SquareEnix really doesn't like PS3 anymore, so they choose to hurt its sales by taking one of it's main games decreasing supply demand for it but maintaining demand and profit the same, but because supply demand has decrease so does the number of sales of PS3 along with the game. Or SquareEnix thinks is in there best interest to raise demand price but hoping that supply demand won't fall an equivalent in percentage.