Noby Noby Boy iPhone 60% Complete

Anoop Gantayat: Wondering when you'll get to try out Noby Noby Boy on something other than PS3? iPhone was announced as the next target platform for the game, but we've heard little since.

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Ron_Burgundy2958d ago

the iphone has more capable hardware than the flopbox so I hope iphone/touch users enjoy this as much as us PS3 owners have

Kamikaze1352958d ago

It would've been fun if using the camera and moving around wasn't such a damn challenge. I really doubt it'll be any better on the iPod. If anything, it'll be more frustrating.

Eric Cartman2957d ago

I have purchased lots of content from PSN and Noby Noby Boy is the only purchase that I regret. It was cheap, but I'd rather pay a developer that puts effort into making games.

Pizzagaki2957d ago

Seems its no longer a ps3 exclusive.

-x.Red.x-2957d ago

coming from you?

im gonna love ninja gaiden 2 on my ps3

PirateThom2957d ago

Yeah, it's just like Mass Effect, to be honest.

marcus j2957d ago

I doubt it will be fun on iphone i don't think eating people and pooing them out will be good from a top down view.

KILL-ALL-CURE2957d ago

WHy is this even on here? Seriously, who could honestly give a sh1t about this?