Top 5 Wii Games To Own This Holiday Season

Following on from our Top 5 Xbox 360 and PS3 lists, All Age Gaming's John Elliott looks at the tough decision that Wii owners face over the next few months in what game(s) to purchase by giving us his Top 5 games to get for the Nintendo Wii this holiday season.


Article Adjustment: The 3 games that have caused a bit of stir in terms of their release dates have been changed. Hopefully this new list better reflects the Top 5 Wii games coming in the next few months.

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CraigGOA3086d ago

The Resident Evil game should be great.

Mahr3086d ago

Am I misunderstanding what this website means by the term 'This holiday season'? Metroid, Galaxy 2, and Red Steel 2 are all slated for 2010.

Redempteur3085d ago

Already talking about holiday 2010 ?

That's sad

Alex_Lives3085d ago

they included 2010 games on the list, thats so lame, they either pulled that article out of their asses or they just did it on porpuse in an attemp to make the wii holiday line up not look as lame as it already is

Relientk773085d ago

wow, they didnt mention the new wii fit.. im suprised

Shnazzyone3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Chock this up to my top 5 worst lists list... number 2. I swear who keeps posting and approving these atrocities. Who makes a list of top 5 games for the holiday season and includes 3 games slated for next year. Last I checked( as mahr already stated ) Metroid, SMG 2 and Red Steel 2 are all 2010 releases. This article gets another epic fail.

How about this author removes the three games that wont be out this holiday and replace it with Muramasa: demon Blade, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, and Tiger woods 10 or Metroid Prime Trilogy. Guess all ages gaming means kids too young to use google can post whatever they want. I know one more site that I wont bother reading news from.

EvilTwin3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

It's bad research, alright. I could understand some misunderstanding with Galaxy 2 and Other M, since they'll probably at least be holiday titles (for next year, of course).

But RS2? IGN lists it for the first quarter of next year, nowhere near holiday season:

Nugan3085d ago

Actually Evil, SMG2 is essentially finished. Nintendo is just holding it back to prevent it from damaging the sales of NSMBWii, so I'd expect to see it much earlier than holiday 2010. My guess is that it will be released in March, maybe February.

MOM's status is less clear, but given that Nintendo has not been announcing titles much more than a year in advance recently and that Corruption and Trilogy were both released in August, I think it might be released in late summer.

Nintendo is probably sitting on several unannounced projects for holiday 2010. (Zelda Wii, please?)

EvilTwin3085d ago

Nugan -- I hadn't read anything about SMG2 being pretty much done. Wouldn't surprise me, but as the last one was a holiday release, it makes sense for this one to be, too. Of course, they have nothing to fill in for Brawl as an early year release, too.

Other M will probably depend on just what Nintendo has in mind for Zelda. If they want to make Zelda their marquee holiday title, then they'd definitely release Metroid earlier.

But Big N doesn't rush Zelda. As much as I'd love to see it next year, it wouldn't surprise me if they waited 'til 2011. Two Marios and two Metroids would leave Zelda as the last of their big three.

Of one knows what the heck Retro is working on...

Nugan3085d ago

From Wikipedia:

"In Miyamoto's private conference, it was stated that the game is very far along in development, but its release is being held back to 2010 due to New Super Mario Bros. Wii being released in 2009."

That doesn't mean they can't hold it until the holidays, but I'd be surprised if they sat on it for that long.

As far as Other M is concerned, you're right that it's impossible to know. I was just making my best guess.

And I really hope we find out what Retro is up to at TGS.

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