Shogun Showdown: Can Sonic Redeem?

Koku Gamer writes: "With the announcement of a new 2D Sonic game, we wonder if Sega possesses the ability to redeem Sonic and bring back the glory days for the blue fuzz? Or is this new game destined to be the latest in a string of disappointments?"

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cain1413203d ago

Sonic needs to go back to it's roots to be good...

Reibooi3203d ago

That seems to be what the new game will be doing.

NewZealander3202d ago

for sonic to be good again.

1 stay 2d!
2 please for the love of god no more humans.
3 shut the damn hedgehog up, he was cooler before he started talking.

Funqy3203d ago

I really hope Sega doesn't disappoint here, they need to revive the series pretty badly. They need the same kind of redemption as the NFS franchise.

Ziriux3203d ago

It is possible. If the deveoper can somehow go back to the roots while adding some good high definition graphics, as one deviant artist did a few months ago and gave us how a Sonic HD would look, if only the game can look like that while keeping the old school gameplay than it has a chance, not sure how it can redeem customers though since all the horrid titles drove away millions of fans.

Reibooi3203d ago

In my opinion yes it can. With the new game seemingly being entirely 2d it seems as if sonic will finally return to his roots. Anyone who played Unleashed could tell you that the 2d portions of the game were absolutely incredible. So a game composed of nothing but 2d should help to redeem his name.

Tripl3seis3203d ago

sonic was so good back in the day bro and i hope sega gets it right this time is being a long time we need sonic back com on sega do it.

NMC20073203d ago

Sonic Unleashed > Every Sonic Ever Made!

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The story is too old to be commented.