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PS3 and Xbox360 Battle for Players

"Coke or Pepsi?

The cola wars used to provide the best example we had of a functioning free market. Whether you bled red for Coca-Cola or were true red, white and blue for Pepsi, most people had a preference and no one really could argue that they were all that different. It was a perfect competition.

These days, the battle for taste rages between Sony and Microsoft, between PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. " (Armored Core 4, PS3, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Xbox 360)
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ben hates you  +   2898d ago
cool find
for me xbox is pepsi, playstation is coke, coke is more established{playstation} but for my taste i prefer pepsi{xbox} but thats my ideas
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techie  +   2898d ago
GaMr posting!? woah
ShAkKa  +   2898d ago
lol ^^^
welcome back gaMr good to see you still alive.
Satanas  +   2898d ago
Referring to pepsi/coke
I've always preferred coke, as it is the original drink. That's why it has the "original taste" marking on its cans. Also, I hate pepsi for targetting coke in its commercials. As for the taste of either drink, I could care less.

Not gonna comment on systems, as I don't feel like it.
Bill Gates  +   2898d ago
Off topic...

I just clicked on "this weeks hottest" stories just for hahas, and noticed that the top 10 stories of the week all had something to do with the PS3.

Talk about interest.
gta_cb  +   2897d ago

im not being horrible but maybe you should post something in the forum part of n4g.com as no body cares...
gta_cb  +   2897d ago
oh and i just checked what you said is true or not, and its not sorry.
ben hates you  +   2898d ago
care to tell us which where bad?
no really?
gta_cb  +   2897d ago
i take it your comment was aimed at the sonyfanboy above? (Bill Gates)
of course he wont, and btw he has yet again wasted his only comment available...
Hydrolex  +   2898d ago
PS3 > Xbox 360
Everyone knows PS3 > Xbox 360 so why people spamm ? PS3 > Xbox360 thats it and no more comparison please.
Saint Sony  +   2898d ago
If that makes you happy, feel free to think so. Real world is painful indeed.
spacetoilet  +   2898d ago
Woa, that was a lame article.
That was clearly written by someone who has no idea at all about gaming.
Maddens Raiders  +   2898d ago
GaMr -
where the hell are you man? (that actually could be said for you too spacetoilet) Let's Motorstorm dude.

THe article is cheesy, but wth. It's SNE vs. MS. Once you've heard it once. You've heard it once (and forever).

a/w ...Good to see you back on the prowl, man.

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Sly  +   2898d ago
wow, a comparison between sodas and video game consoles?
gta_cb  +   2897d ago
yeh i know! kinda funny something like this was actually posted!

oh btw i feel as if the story title was a bit miss leading, but hey maybe its just me.
AngryTypingGuy  +   2898d ago
I didn't know that the founder of Wendy's played video games.

The only thing I didn't like about the article, is that Mr. Thomas makes it sound like all PS3 games look slightly better when put side by side, when it's quite the opposite so far.
gta_cb  +   2897d ago
well everyone has there own oppinion even though what you say it true, some people will stick to there fav console, and it will look better to them on there console even if it clearly isnt.
sumfood4u  +   2897d ago
wouldn't Ps3 be Pepsi & 360 be Mountian Dew?
If yur judging by color's of the console, that is! LMAO
NikV3  +   2897d ago
this years e3
will be a big factor in this war, someone is gonna bring some major and shocking news that will indeed boost sales, my guess is sony will. they've been in this buisness along time, they know how to win, they already have huge exclusive coming out, doesent get much bigger than FF13 or MGS4, Killzone 2 will be revealed completly and id be willing to bet that they have someone making a game for the ps3 that will push it beyond what we could've guessed. im sure microsft will make some big statments aswell, im sure they'll talk about halo 3 alot or there wanna be but cant even compare Gran Turismo, i think they call it forza 2, yeah that demo was a joke. maybe they will actualy have big news though, they could start making there hardware better, that would be big news or they could stop pinching every little penny they can out of us from the market place. now bring on the bad feedback xbots.

p.s i dont own a ps3, i own a 360 and i find myself going to my friends every chance i get to play his ps3. i refuse to spend $600 dollars on a video game system, so if sony wants to make a real big statment they woudl start off the show by revealing a $150 price cut :D wont happent tho

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