Bioshock: Artworks and Wallpapers Released

Bioshock: Artworks and Wallpapers Released with some screens

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techie3751d ago

This is duplicate, but if you provide this link

You will find new artiwork and wallpapers. SO download them ,add them and change your title to New Bioshock Artwork and Wallpapers...and you've got yourself a winner ;)

snoop_dizzle3751d ago


sorry about the misunderstanding before.

techie3751d ago

lol no this isn't me this time...and this is duplicate haha. But if the guy changes the pictures to artworki it's all good :)

TriggerHappy3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

me :(, aight thanks deep...adding the artworks..

techie3751d ago

kool you're on the rampage arent you.

TriggerHappy3751d ago

am just posting...this is me when am on posting duty. :)

ben hates you3751d ago

? why does everyone get so ticked off when there is a duplicate?

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