Halo 3 Beta Surfaces--Live

GameSpot gets its hands on Bungie's long-awaited shooter; live webcast of gameplay now under way. Today, press outlets were given their own codes to access the beta, and the first video footage from Halo 3 multiplayer is already on GameSpot. Next Wednesday, Crackdown purchasers lucky enough to receive an invite to the Halo 3 beta will get their first chance to play Bungie's long-awaited shooter.

For the past several hours, GameSpot editors have been sampling the beta's three maps and multiplayer modes. Editors are now engaging in a live gameplay marathon, and the virtual carnage can be watched in real time now via GameSpot's Media Player.

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snoop_dizzle4234d ago

man i cant wait till halo 3 comes out. :)

kewlkat0074234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

well how does one, get to download the bloody demo?

IrishAssa4234d ago

I havn't got Crackdown yet but how do you get the invite , do you just put the disk in and download the Beta or do you have to type in a code??

kewlkat0074234d ago

we were counting on you...wrong answer


gta_cb4234d ago

i know you have to go to the main menu of Crackdown and then go to download, then the "Download Halo 3 Beta" icon will show up in blue instead of a grey kinda colour which it has been since crackdown was released. once you have downloaded it i heard or read cant remember... i think i read it on a leaflet in the Crackdown case, that you have to run the game when you want to play the beta, which means people cant just rent the game from blockbusters or were ever download it then take it back lol, i for one brought Crackdown for Crackdown, the Beta is just like a reward for me =D i wont be taking it back once the Beta is over.

snoop_dizzle4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

yeah i don't have xbl but i do have the flyer that can with the crackdown game.

what it says on the flyer

oh never mind

GameJunkieJim4234d ago

To download the beta with Crackdown, just start the game like normal, and go to "Download" on the main menu. there should be a box for the Halo 3 beta if you got an early enough copy of Crackdown.

And it's a friggin sweet Beta.

iceice1234234d ago

I probably would = /

I kind of helped my friend get in (snipe 130). He never checks his email or account and I told him to because they invited all those random people...he got in xD. He played a game with Shishka, too.

gta_cb4234d ago

didnt no this was how they choose people =( otherwise i would have signed up AGES ago lol

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