Ninja Gaiden Sigma Screenshots

11 new screenshots of Ninja Gaiden Sigma for PS3.

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Satanas4234d ago

More screenshots of that new water enemy. I hope we're surprised with more new enemies and/or bosses.

BBsin4234d ago

those screens look pretty good, even better than all those videos i've downloaded... so when i get the game, will i get graphics like those screens or graphics like those videos???

Satanas4234d ago

Seeing as the textures in the demo were unfinished and it had v-lock sync issues, you can probably expect a noticeable graphical difference in the final game. I dunno if it'll be like the screenshots though.

Of course you'll need to be in at least 720p if not 1080p to get that feeling.

PS3 Owns All4234d ago

The overpwns the X Box one NGB. I understand some of u will be like ''duh?!'' This is just going to the people that were saying the PS3;s visuals look like last gen! hah!

techie4234d ago

it'll look the same with less AA...that's about 16xAA in those screens

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achira4234d ago

screens look very good. the demo was very nice also.

Close_Second4234d ago

I'm a 360 owner and this is definately looking like its going to be the first AAA title on the PS3. No, I'm not trying to start a flame war - just saying that this game looks fantastic!

IBLEEDBLU4234d ago

are they saying this looks like the xbox NG?? lol they must be blind or just dumb - maybe just jealous lol who really knows what goes on inside a xbots head...cant be much tho since they are sheep and follow what every other sheep says lol

game is looking great - demo was great - game will do well on PS3

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