Objects of Gaming Hate

Gamesradar report

"We've been slamming just about every hate-worthy topic in the gaming industry this week from the YouTube idiots to the never ending console wars. But we've still got a lot of pet peeves up our sleeves. In fact, we still need to get a few things off our chest by venting our frustrations regarding our most loathed objects of hate. Some of them are people: rude boys lurking in team-based shooters out there in cyberspace. Some are more tangible, like the Red Ring of Death that drills a hole through our souls with its stone cold stare. All of them seriously piss us off."

The list includes:

Console's Crashing,
Next-gen? When?

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Satanas4209d ago

This article header should be expanded to include all sections of what it is linked to.

There's more in there than just the forum fights section.

techie4209d ago

Of course there is...but today fanboy fights are more relevant.

Satanas4209d ago

That's true. The other articles are of interest too, though.

Covenant4209d ago

"With all the trolling and flaming in forums around the world, skimming through message boards sometimes looks like the modern day equivalent of monkeys flinging pooh at each other."

Perfect. Couldn't have said it better myself.

And "Next-gen? When?" Well, it's happening...slowly. The really innovative games are still a few months to a year or more away. (Alan Wake and Mass Effect, for example, though some of you may disagree with me. That's Ok.)

Console crashes? Lessee...I've had an Atari, NES, Genesis, PS1, and 360 all crash on me. Red rings of death are just the latest variant on the theme.