Unreal Tournament III - Screenshots Gallery Video

Get a good look at the battles of the future as shows some recently released screenshots from the game.

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CAPS LOCK4233d ago

cool, but can you post a non HD version for people that have pcs like me?

gta_cb4233d ago

i cant find one sorry, otherwise i would have put a link up for you, im sure you could find a non HD version if you searched on google maybe?

TnS4233d ago

Only HD version is available. Sorry. :(

gta_cb4233d ago

i really enjoyed playing Unreal Tournament 2004 (PC) so i will be looking into this for sure! if they make sure there are no or as little as possible glitches in this title it would make a better game for sure =)

MySwordIsHeavenly4233d ago

You've gone too far EnforcerOfTheTruth!!!

Normally, I agree with you...but this is UNREAL FREAKIN' TOURNAMENT! Yes, Battlefield is amazing...but UT04' is the king of multi-player. Just like Halo is the king of rich, midwestern, white, xbox fanboys. Come know it's true!

UT III will be the greatest FPS to ever grace this earth!!! Or maybe Haze will be better...not sure.

Scrooge4233d ago

Im familiar with the Art direction and graphics of this game, I would like to see gameplay videos or even just screenshots of ingame stuff going on. You know? So I don't feel like I've seen anything new with this video.

Russbomb4233d ago

Unreal tournament on unreal engine! This looks to be promising and will be a must buy for this holiday season. Sweet

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