This is Living: Design a pair of knickers for Lucia.

Ok things have got a tad bit stranger (if that's possible) in Sony's This is Living campaign. The official This is Living site is now asking the public to design a pair of knickers for one of the characters in the promotional videos, Lucia.

If you enter the site you will be given a template, on which you can design a pair for her...what the winning pair will be used for is a mystery,

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techie4211d ago

I bring you porn on blu-ray, i bring you this...what has become of me lol

drtysouf214210d ago

I tipped the Porn article give me a little credit please! LOL.

techie4210d ago

You did but you didn't put the linked it to lol. SO i had to do some searching for porn on blu-ray...came up with interesting stuff that's for sure

Russbomb4211d ago

Whoever contributed this should be taken out with a very violent weapon, my preference being the chainsaw because this does not deserve to be a post.

techie4210d ago (Edited 4210d ago )

You say that about this? But the fanboy articles remain. This is amusing and you need to lighten up. Don't be so offensive, this site would be p*ss poor without my contributions over the last two months.

The This is Living campaign has been one of intrigue on and we don't really know where they are coming from...and this post just adds to the bonfire of "WTF" what are they doing, and it is something to be laughed at.

Instead if you prefer the news that is posted by the remaining contributers on this site...which often amounts to fanboy posts...such as the top story at the moment, then I woul dhave to disagree with you. I provide 18 articles a day and if you want to insult someone go and insult someone who is a novice at posting news on this site.

You need to keep your offensive comments to yourself

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