Wipeout HD & Motorstorm Dynamic Theme Videos

James of writes: Hello everyone, here are a couple of videos showcasing the two latest additions to the Playstation 3 Dynamic Theme family.

The first video features the free Wipeout Fury Theme which is now available on the UK PSN Store.

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The second video shows off the new Motorstorm theme which is also available on the UK PSN but for the small price of £1.59.
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Chapulin3149d ago

Can't wait for KZ2, Uncharted, and GOW III dynamic themes.

thereapersson3149d ago

That Wipeout theme is AWESOME

I would upgrade to 3.0 just to be able to use that.

quarkist3149d ago

Sony will put your high quality Home avatars in the dynamic themes...

THE_GLOW3149d ago

my only wish was that there were sound effects with those themes, especially the wipout one.