Madden NFL 08 First Look

So the draft has been and gone. Ginn's pick is still the most talked about selection in the draft and the Browns are on cloud nine after getting their two high-profile draftees. The next NFL item on the agenda is the impending release of Madden '08. Previous Madden installments were nothing more than a roster update and a few new modes thrown in for good measure, but this time around EA are going to have to pull their finger out as they have some stiff competition in the form of recently announced All-Pro Football 2K8.

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Pheneus4206d ago

the Wii version will have online mode enabled. I doubt it though.

Matchews4206d ago

should be good to see what they do with the Wii version

but it's all about All-Pro if im honest, can't wait to see what 2K come up with...

THE_JUDGE4206d ago

I hope its better than the Madden 07. I like the ps2 options for picking plays than the next gen versions. Hopefully they give more options this time around, like squib kicks and better play options. The wii is crap btw.

CaliGamer4206d ago

I think this franchise is ridiculous, they should only release a brand new version every other year and an update in between. It doesn't seem like much changes from year to year with this except for the rosters.
But I guess its the law of business at its finest with Madden, if people buy incremental updates why stop selling it I guess. Kinda lame to me, but if you enjoy it game on.

Monchichi0254206d ago

Bring on 2K8. Even without the NFL License it still will be a better game!

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The story is too old to be commented.