Sony Ripping Off Europeans

It looks like it isn't just the PS3 that Sony prices radically different across the world. The Wall Street Journal carried out a comparison of the cost of a Cyber Shot digital camera in eight cities and found that the cheapest prices were in North America and Asia, while Europe, yet again, paid the highest.

The cheapest price found was EUR 237 in Tokyo while the most expensive was EUR 399 in Rome. The Inquirer who were alerted to the story weren't too impressed and said, "..we don't quite know how Sony thinks it can get away with this. Presumably because it can."

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Bigmac5733942d ago

The website is just anti-Sony propoganda....24/7.

TheMART3942d ago

But the big question is:

Can you prove them wrong in what they're saying here or do you just don't like the news because you're a Sony droid?

Merovee3942d ago

anyone can all they have to do is compare prices from Anything from all accross the world. Everything costs different prices everywhere.

bootsielon3942d ago

is TheMart a retard, or simply a moron? ;)

Anyway, everyone knows The Inquirer writes crap only. Not about Sony, buy about everything. People should stop getting "news" from them, which aren't news.

techie3942d ago

£390 with free Motorstorm. ;) Huge markup on ps3. So glad I didn't get it launch

Black Republican3942d ago

sony has to make their money back some way or another
europe is just the place that gets screwed the worst

sony sticks it up deep in europe again

sajj3163942d ago

dictated partly by retail? Is Sony, according to this article, to blame 100% for this price difference?

Black Republican3942d ago

no, sony to be blamed only partially

AuburnTiger3942d ago

Well doesn't that mean retail is partially to blame also??

princ3ofp3rsia3942d ago

Maybe they took the prices from Sony Centers?

dodgefate3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

This has what to do with gaming....

This is like putting one up called "M$ starting a new boy band" just cause the brand name is on it makes it game related (Playstation isn't even in the article).

Does the Cyber Shot digital camera even hook up to the PS3? lol

SmokeyMcBear3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

yes actually it does.. i got a cyber shot, i can connect it via the usb, but what i do is just pop out the memory card and insert it into the card reader in my ps3

AuburnTiger3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

Well if you say it that way, when I buy 1/4 sacks of that doja, does that mean I support wars in Cuba?

SmokeyMcBear3942d ago

uh not sure what ya mean.. and whats a 1/4 sack.. you mean 1/4 O? cuz in my neck of the woods a sack is an eighth, 3.5 grams. we buy half sacks, which is around 25 bucks a pop. a quarter 0 will run ya hundred, by why buy a quarter when you can get a half O for 150? I don't support terrorists.. all my stuff is homegrown cali gold. Got some Romulan/Trainwreck right now.. mmmm good stuff.

alsef073942d ago

Even though Sony needs to make up for a lot of losts, it doesnt mean they can just rip people from other continents off...but anyway if europeans are willing to buy it go ahead.

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The story is too old to be commented.