Blu-ray Retaining Dominance, HD DVD Holds On

A quick look at the updated charts and sales record for HD DVD and Bly-ray shows that, Blu-ray still retains its dominance and is increasingly getting higher and Hd dvd holding off on its own .

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TriggerHappy4235d ago

is doing incredibly well, but hd aint about to give up though

NextGen24Gamer4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

I'm a little confused. Does anyone know how they compare sales of Movies that haven't been released on Blu ray or HD dvd yet.

So if indeed the judge sales over pre orders on Amazaon....That would leave out all the HD dvd's purchased at Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

How can they take such a small piece of the market....Online pre orders at Amazaon and then make it seem like that resembles the whole market? Wierd in my opinion. But if it makes blu ray adopters or supporters feel better. The last solid numbers I saw was HD dvd stand alones are outselling blu ray stand alones 4 to 1. And blu ray just hit the million total movies sold mark....While HD dvd is 2000 behind at 998,000 movis sold. Sure HD dvd had a couple months head start...But this format war is still in its infancy stage. There are regular DVD's that sell in the millions in ONE week. Yet the hundreds of HD dvd's and Blu rays released total a million or two. There is a long way to go in this format war.

I wouldn't take pre orders at amazon as some sort of gage to total sales. Every Tuesday when I go to Walmart and Bestbuy....There are people buying HD dvd's and or blu rays. Thats where I would believe the bulk of the sales are coming from. Not Amazon.

THE_JUDGE4235d ago

Could be preorders on but blu-ray is winning so doesn't matter all that much.

LoveHateTragedy4235d ago

If you ever took AP Statistics (or a stats class in college) you'd know that a small percentage of total results are actually quite representative of the whole, with very little error involved. Even polls done with only a few thousand people can be representative of a million (give or take 1~3%).

I do find it humorous though that you think your local Walmart store is more representative of the HD Movie market than

Black Republican4235d ago

once the price of blu-ray is comparable with hd dvd, blu-ray will win
i think the main reason hd dvd is holding on is only because of its price

Russbomb4235d ago

the price of blue ray dvds is less than HD DVDs dum face

elliot_4235d ago

i think he was talking about the players

Babylonian4234d ago

you can get a Pioneer Blu-ray player for $ 299

quiddd4235d ago

The big summer movies of this year are Blu-Ray I believe: SpiderMan 3, Pirates...........

ITR4235d ago

I'll buy both on DVD format.

Still not sold on HD...yet.

Black Republican4235d ago

i'm sold when
their is an offical format

techie4235d ago

Well since the price is similar for dvd and blu-ray (in the UK at least) then id buy blu-ray if i have an hdtv. But i don't really buy dvd's anyway...was buying VHS until last year ;)

fenderputty4234d ago

Casino Royal. I'll be being Pirates and Star Wars when they come out.

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Vip3r4235d ago

It's only a matter of time before HDDVD is 6 feet under.

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The story is too old to be commented.