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Submitted by PrivateRyan 2347d ago | news

MS: Cross-platform titles "just work better" on Xbox Live

OXM UK reports that Chris Lewis of Microsoft feels cross-platform titles "just work better" on Xbox Live.

"We have a great journey through to Christmas," says Microsoft Europe's VP of Interactive Entertainment. "There are key titles that are exclusives but also great cross-platform titles that will just work better on Xbox Live." (Xbox 360)

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THE MAX SPEED 21  +   2347d ago
wtf. what games are they talkin about?

I dont knw any cross platform games thats on xbox and other consoles.
Feral Gamer  +   2347d ago
"I dont knw any cross platform games thats on xbox and other consoles. "
What are trying to say? That makes no sense what-so-ever
THE MAX SPEED 21  +   2347d ago
do you know any cross platform game that works better on xbl?

that'll answer you question.
LiL T  +   2347d ago
I'm thinking they meant "multi-platform" or they coud be dumb.
SpoonyRedMage  +   2347d ago
Shadowrun and FFXI have cross platform play but I don't think they even use XBL. FFXI uses PlayOnline.
Mr_Bun  +   2347d ago
They probably do mean "multi platform". Guess they are admitting defeat when it comes to exclusives!
Eddie20101  +   2347d ago
I'm pretty sure he talking about multi-platform games and there online play. On that note he full of bull, Online play on PSN works just as good as Xbox live, Now if he's referring to cross game chat and in game invites that really has nothing to do with how well online game play works.
Syronicus  +   2347d ago
Did anybody expect a MS PR Rep to say anything different?
All of them over at MS have the "Aaron Greenturd Disease"... You know, diarrhea of the mouth.
Mr_Bun  +   2347d ago
The only console I have experienced problems online with is the 360...I've never seen the lag on the PSN like I do on the 360.

To say that online gameplay is as good on the PSN as it is XBL is an insult to people on the PSN
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mingeater  +   2347d ago
mr bun
please... in this sony gaming utopia that many of n4g's members claim to exist. does everybody live right next door to eachother for the peer2peer games? and do they all have fiber connections also?

and for the games that run on dedicated servers, does everybody live next door to where the servers are stored?? and when you play on a server in a different region i.e: an EU player playing on a US server. does the psn have something that enables people to overcome the laws of physics? so that time delay or ping doesn't exist for the psn??

i live in the EU, and will only play on games in the EU, but plenty of times i have seen evidence of lag and latency on killzone.. people falling down dead atlest a second after they have killed me. or people bouncing around in the server. perhaps it's my 18meg down 1meg up connection that is at fault ey??? becuase the psn is so great, like i said, it overcomes the laws of physics!!!!
GameGambits  +   2347d ago
This is the dumbest thing I have ever read. "We are proud we have 1 exclusive coming out this whole year and are riding through 2009 with multiplatform games."

I honestly regret more and more each day for having wasted my money on a 360. The only game I've felt that was worth having gotten it for was Lost Odyssey. I really liked Gears of War 1 as well, but hell that was on PC too.

My PS3, PSP, Wii, and DS have all enjoyed more game purchases and plays than my 360 when it comes to exclusives. If they want to say that the 360 is great simply because of their extra DLC or that they somehow perform better on 360 well that's dumb to say the least.

Microsoft is in for a rude awakening if they can't start offering games we can't get anywhere else, because if I can get the same game for my PS3 with free online play then why bother?
AKNAA  +   2347d ago
" "There are key titles that are exclusives but also great cross-platform titles that will just work better on Xbox Live."
Of course they do... Hell, I'd say that too if I worked for MS.
Sarcasm  +   2347d ago
Can they be any more vague?

"It just works better."

"It's like that."

"It is what it is."

"It's good."
Tempist  +   2347d ago
Wow, this is similar response you get from asking apple users how exactly the Mac does things better.

Talk about a vague comment. Maybe the full quote context is missing and I'd love to read it in whole, but my reality is something supported by facts.
Mr_Bun  +   2347d ago
I too have noticed lag in Killzone, but again, not to the extent that I have seen on Gears (not on the PSN, I know) or multiplat games like Bad Company...Halo 3 is one of the few exceptions where I haven't noticed lag to be an issue.

All multi console owners I have gamed with know this to be true.
Smokzdaizm  +   2347d ago
It's an insult to even mention PSN with XBL. I've had more lag and more noisy kids bothering me when trying to play Street Fighter on PSN and SOCOM was so laggy it not even damn playable and it's an online only game from sony. I have both a PS3 and a 360 and I ONLY game online on XBL because I have a full feature set and an inituitive online experience and the only time I use PSN is to get updates that it.
Chris399  +   2347d ago
Isn't Live the service that seems to buckle and collapse almost every holiday season?
Pride comes before the fall.

I honestly hope that Sony and Nintendo curb-stomp the braggarts at MS this holiday season (in sales). They could do with a little humility.

P.S. I own a 360 and enjoy it, but I despise corporate gloating and smacktalk. MS has more of it than anyone in this industry. Rivaled only by Bobby Kotick's asinine assertions about being God of the publishing world.
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KionicWarlord222  +   2347d ago
"Isn't Live the service that seems to buckle and collapse almost every holiday season?"

When that happen near christmas of 2007 that was pretty bad . No xbox live user could get online .

But that didn't happen last year so hopefully everything will be ok .

I wonder what titles that Ms are talking about though . Has to be titles that sell a lot for them to comment .
Christopher_Walken  +   2347d ago
How full of crap can you get MS?
PlayStation X  +   2347d ago
its cause they aint got no exclusives.

they should spend more time improving there games, service and console instead of talking sh1t all the time.

the only noticable difference between psn n xbl for multiplatforms is the price. 1 is a rip-off the other aint.
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Kill Crow   2347d ago | Spam
The Wood  +   2347d ago
IF its true then let him brag
and by let him brag i mean i prefer that these guys brag about gaming related issues like this instead of the normal sales crap.

This holiday will be a good test as there will be many flocking to both systems online networks. It'll be interesting to see how they hold up

Its a pity he cant brag about the 09 lineup unless 'cross platform' titles are used.
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thereapersson  +   2347d ago
Don't they mean "multi-platform"?
AFAIK, cross-platform games are games that you can play with other gamers who have different systems. You know, like if you had an MMO on both consoles and PC, and both console players and PC players could play with or against each other at the same time.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong in assuming this...
militant07  +   2347d ago
no, like lost planet

PC vs 360
Ron_Burgundy  +   2347d ago
I guess he just saw the few first days of sales of the PS3 slim :P

even the people at M$ are crying me a river

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kevinx1000  +   2347d ago
since you do care about sales
Look at the sales and players of a bunch of xbox games compared to uncharted 2, killzone 2 and MGS 4.
napoleon_ist  +   2347d ago
it's pretty complicated to compare xbox games sales and players with uncharted 2
since it has not been released yet.
kevinx1000  +   2347d ago
pre orders for now, sales when it's out.
cereal_killa  +   2347d ago
SALES SALES SALES!!!!!! the last thing the Muppet's have left why do you stupid Muppet's run to Sales as you last defense we all know Sales =/= Quality you can use your Halo sold this Gears sold that and then you get dethroned by Wii Play sold over this and Wii Play over sold that and you look like a moron, by your stupid logic Britney Spears and The Jonas Brother are 1000 xs better than anything Halo or Gears. Find a new hobby or maybe get a career with Micheal Patcher if you care about Sales so much and leave GAMING to Gamers!!!!!!
tripewire  +   2347d ago
I'm saving for a 360, but please MS

thehitman  +   2347d ago
If ...
you have to save for a 360 I wouldnt advise getting 1....
tripewire  +   2347d ago
meh i just had a lot of car work done.

So im paying a couple of hundred off that each week and putting some aside for a 360.
GameGambits  +   2347d ago
You're saving up for the wrong system. Get a PS3. More games, free online, blu ray, HD gaming, free wi-fi, and it only keeps getting better.

If your 360 RROD's(which it will) I doubt you'll be saying your choice for a 360 was the right one. However if you already own a PS3 then it's a fine choice.
JonnyBigBoss  +   2347d ago
Agreed. Think before you purchase.
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LukaX23  +   2347d ago
By "just work better", they mean the developers understand the Xbox 360's architecture better which results in crappy multi platform ports.
LukaX23  +   2347d ago
Battlefield 1943 is one example of a multi platform title on both markets (PSN and XBOX Live). Yet I don't know how either version is better than the other, because they currently both have their own set of problems.
IDetonation  +   2347d ago
What kind of BS is this?
"Just work better"?
Okay, guy.

"We have a great journey through to Christmas,"
I really don't see anything promising for X-mas.
Good luck anyway.
poopsack  +   2347d ago
It only does EVERYTHING? Well... they just work better on Live, so take that.
Pizzagaki  +   2347d ago
NoxiousD  +   2347d ago
damage control begins, sony is back. Microsoft and Sony are going to make this the nastiest gaming war ever. I won;t include the Wii since to me it's just a novelty item.
Bathyj  +   2347d ago
Desparation is a stinky cologne.

Seriously, no exclusives worth bragging about yet this year, (I did say yet) so now they're bragging about multiplats, where the biggest real difference is cross game chat. WooHoo.

Xbox management are starting to sound like their fanatical fans whose name we aren't allowed to mention here.
kaveti6616  +   2346d ago
Well, Microsoft is going to use that excuse for as long as it is valid, and I consider it a good point. A lot of games that I am interested in are multiplatform games. If they run better on the Xbox 360, Microsoft is already forcing me to consider buying the game on the 360. The PS3 is supposed to be the top-of-the-line luxury console and the 360 is supposed to be the poor-man's console. At least that's how the fanboys have painted it. So, if the poor-man's console suddenly runs multiplats better and also as a more robust online experience (debatable, I don't really care about LIVE) then Microsoft has two very excellent selling points for the 360. I still understand that the PS3 has a lot of value to it, but some people will be more interested in which console runs the majority of multiplats better. As of right now, developers are reaching for parity, so when that bulletpoint goes, MS will try to replace it with something else.
table  +   2347d ago
"There are key titles that are exclusives but also great cross-platform titles that will just work better on Xbox Live."

Wow, they don't even explain why it will work better obviously because they don't know why. It's like the little kid at school who shouts the loudest thinking that means he's right.
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Jeff257  +   2347d ago
Yeah I expected them to at least say why they work better. But this is just going to come back and bite them in the butt. It seems they are getting complacent to just charge people for Live and just be happy about getting multiplat titles and the occasional DLC that still has to be bought by their customers. But thats ok. Other companies out there are starting to get their act together and will soon pass MS by. I wonder what MS will say when people stop falling for their tricks and realize that their isnt a big enough difference between Live and PSN to continue paying for something they could have for free somewhere else.
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KionicWarlord222  +   2347d ago
Im going send message aaron greenburg and ask him about these "titles" .
NoxiousD  +   2347d ago
Xbox live interface is attractive
The dash board is something that everyone has gotten used to and fairly simple to navigate and the avatar and in game chat with others makes xbox live really attractive and it is a social networking hub for gamers. I have made so many friends on live who I now talk to on a everyday basis and much involved.
On PSN it is a little harder to create friendships and find clubs and clans to join in games. But this could be very much approached in the future to be evolutionary, PSN is free and very fast to download from. With Microsoft saying cross-platform could they just be talking about the party chat and stuff like that? or the conversions of games onto the ps3 lacking like bioshock and orange box? that the 360 is the main console to get multi platform games.
Ninjamonkey  +   2347d ago
In what way?

I use both PSN and NLG to game online and so far Ive never oticed differences. Both run smoothly and with little lag.

MS has been so vuage too theyre obviously just saying it in the ope that some little informed people will believe it.
Double Toasted  +   2347d ago
Cross platform titles... the same as multi-plats(duh). They work better on the 360 because 90% of the industry prefers it for development.
bjornbear  +   2347d ago
Sony: Cross-platform titles "just work better" on Playstation Network
....hello? What else would a company say? The opposite?! =P
napoleon_ist  +   2347d ago
"There are key titles that are exclusives but also great cross-platform titles that will just work better on Xbox Live" really?
lately battlefield 1943 crashed on the xbl while it ran smoothly on the psn. *cough*
ballsofsteel  +   2347d ago
disagree multiplatform online games preform just as crappy on XBL as they do on PSN look at COD4 extreme amounts of lag and host migration issues on both PSN and XBL
ELite_Ghost  +   2347d ago
isn't cross platform like pc and 360 ppl playing together?

it "works better" than what? ps3 doesn't have cross platform games.
Kakihara  +   2347d ago
It's sad, not even because I'm a 360 owner. It's just sad. It's like like a fat Elvis or something. The once cool hip swinging Microsoft are getting fat, putting on a diamond studded jumpsuit and killing themselves with greed and laziness. it's obvious to everyone but themselves.
JonnyBigBoss  +   2347d ago
See, this is why I find it hard to respect Microsoft. They are always saying they are better, and are always way too corporately aggressive. Nintendo and Sony actually compliment the other companies, and realize that it's important for them all to succeed. Unbelievably immaturity.
y0haN  +   2346d ago
wowzers  +   2346d ago
@ 5.3
"if your 360 RROD's(which it will) I doubt you'll be saying your choice for a 360 was the right one."

Wow are you retarded? How do you know its going to RRoD on him? I've had mine since launch and still no problems with it... Go in the open zone if your going to leave retarded a$$ comments.

Now, to get on subject... Xbox Live is SUPERIOR to PSN by far! Only game I've experienced major lag issues on is Gears of War 2, nothing else. PSN on the other hand is pretty bad. I was playing Call of Duty: WaW, and almost every server i tried playing on was a lag fest (And yes they have cable internet so dont be saying, "get a better connection"). I hear that way too much.
djfullshred  +   2346d ago
haha, very informative information.

Our stuff works better!!
Because I said so, that's why!

Xi  +   2346d ago
I think there are much better ones out there, like for my original xbox I used a lan system that allowed me to play halo CE against pc opponents. I got my ass handed to to me, but that was still better then not being able to do anything since live wasn't around yet.

I also think that psp and ps3 support is top notch, and nintendo usually develops some useless peripheral that lets people play Game boy games on their TV.

That said, if they get some APB cossplay, and some better MMO cross play I might reconsider. Also, shadowrun is fun, game is totally underrated imo.
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