Top Myths About the PS3 and its Owners

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"In the close to three years since the PS3 has launched, there have been numerous myths floating around about the system and its owners. Most of these myths have been perpetrated and spread around by fans of other systems or fans of the PS3, but not all. Even the mainstream media and industry analysts have been guilty of broadcasting these myths. Well I am here to close the door on these delusions once and for all."

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D4RkNIKON3148d ago

"Sure the PSN still does not have cross game chat or a party system, but the fact is they wanted it in the 3.0 update. The rumor is Electronic Arts could not make it work, so they killed it. What does this mean? Well the PSN will be getting those features in a matter of months. At that point what are you paying your $50 per year on Xbox Live? Netflix, Twitter and Facebook. All applications that are available for free on the PC. Seems a little over priced suddenly."

When that day comes, if MS doesn't make XBL free I will laugh till it hurts.

josuttis3148d ago

"At that point what are you paying your $50 per year on Xbox Live?"

The laggy P2P network, of course.

Dropping the idiotic 50 dollar online fees is the least of Microsoft's problems trying to match Sony's online service.

Maybe Microsoft can hire Sony to teach them how to setup dedicated servers so Xbox games aren't the horrible lagfest they are right now and have the LAN-like smoothness PSN games have.

And then Microsoft can work on trying to match Sony epic online games, like 64 player R2 or the Holy Grail of online shooters, the 256 player MAG.

And finally if Microsoft ever hopes to catch up to Sony's PSN they will have to get their mess of online service in order so it can handle free mods and content from developers. Epic had to was a half a year rewriting UT just to deal with Microsoft's messed up online service.

Microsoft hasn't shown any willingness to put the effort into matching Sony's PSN. It's too late in the life of the 360 for it to really matter. Microsoft is moving off into casual Nintendo Wii land with their EyeToy ripoff.

3148d ago
FamilyGuy3148d ago

I hope that "Laggy P2P network" claim comes up on the M$s one tomorrow as I'd really like to know if there's truth behind that claim.

I hear/read it all over the place but 360 owners claim it's false and just a few days ago someone said that all 360 games use 360s (uniquely upgraded i'd bet) as severs, whether it's P2P or not the sever is a 360 for some reason.
I REALLY want to know if that's true as it would explain the issue M$ is having with FFXIV Online and SE wanting all platforms to interact.

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D4RkNIKON3148d ago

I enjoy how after the article ends, and you know the FACTS, their is a link to buy the PS3 for $299. Just to give you a jump start. The article wasn't really flame bait either, it showed the pros and cons while clearing up rumors.

Dragun6193148d ago

A good article, clears up the BS thrown at the PS3.

mrv3213148d ago

Yeah but Sony's going to fail /sarcasm.

Well that's good, now everyone is clear we can all play and buy games we like and decide on how good they are based on how they are and not the platform.

mandf3148d ago

The 360 doesn't lead by 10 million systems. The writer should check his facts. I'm not very vocal about about this console war but when ff13 and gt5 drop say good by to your 1 year head start. I know a lot of you just started gaming this gen. You are fools to think that halo is the best selling game. The GT series sold more than halo 123, halowars ,forza 12,fable 12, gears of war12, and mass effect combined. You need to learn about the industry before you make up random facts. Sony was never doomed. Ms has a viral campaign going on since 2006 against sony to grab market share. Keep spewing the hate. Be gamer and play the games on all consoles before you hate a system.

thebudgetgamer3148d ago

:)gaming truly is the greatest entertainment medium.

Double Toasted3148d ago

to say Halo is milked? Have you ever said that?

iHEARTboobs3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

At least right now. But I don't think the milk has turned sour just yet so they're ok.

edit: Oh and for the record, I liked Halo 3. Haven't played any others but the online was fun. Didn't get into the story though.

Serg3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

It seemed like it was milked to me when we knew that Halo 3: ODST, Halo Wars, Halo Reach and Peter Jacksons Halo were all coming. That Halo anime, Halo the movie and the Halo Warthog RC cars just add to that.


ya, GT sold more.... over three generations and including the ps2 with it's 100 milllion + install base.

show me an exclusive shooter this gen that has sold as much as halo 3. or an exclusive shooter last gen that sold as much as halo 2.

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CharlesDCI3148d ago


Great response.

I also had problem with one of the myths. He said that by the time Sony catches up to Nintendo, they will be in the next generation. Last time I checked, the tech determines what next gen is.If both Microsoft and Nintendo's next consoles are anything like the ones they have now, then Sony will be the only true next gen console.

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