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Top Myths About the PS3 and its Owners

Article Excerpt:

"In the close to three years since the PS3 has launched, there have been numerous myths floating around about the system and its owners. Most of these myths have been perpetrated and spread around by fans of other systems or fans of the PS3, but not all. Even the mainstream media and industry analysts have been guilty of broadcasting these myths. Well I am here to close the door on these delusions once and for all." (PS3)

D4RkNIKON  +   1965d ago
"Sure the PSN still does not have cross game chat or a party system, but the fact is they wanted it in the 3.0 update. The rumor is Electronic Arts could not make it work, so they killed it. What does this mean? Well the PSN will be getting those features in a matter of months. At that point what are you paying your $50 per year on Xbox Live? Netflix, Twitter and Facebook. All applications that are available for free on the PC. Seems a little over priced suddenly."

When that day comes, if MS doesn't make XBL free I will laugh till it hurts.
Genesis5  +   1965d ago
That article was fun.
josuttis  +   1965d ago
"At that point what are you paying your $50 per year on Xbox Live?"

The laggy P2P network, of course.

Dropping the idiotic 50 dollar online fees is the least of Microsoft's problems trying to match Sony's online service.

Maybe Microsoft can hire Sony to teach them how to setup dedicated servers so Xbox games aren't the horrible lagfest they are right now and have the LAN-like smoothness PSN games have.

And then Microsoft can work on trying to match Sony epic online games, like 64 player R2 or the Holy Grail of online shooters, the 256 player MAG.

And finally if Microsoft ever hopes to catch up to Sony's PSN they will have to get their mess of online service in order so it can handle free mods and content from developers. Epic had to was a half a year rewriting UT just to deal with Microsoft's messed up online service.

Microsoft hasn't shown any willingness to put the effort into matching Sony's PSN. It's too late in the life of the 360 for it to really matter. Microsoft is moving off into casual Nintendo Wii land with their EyeToy ripoff.
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FamilyGuy  +   1965d ago
Good read
I hope that "Laggy P2P network" claim comes up on the M$s one tomorrow as I'd really like to know if there's truth behind that claim.

I hear/read it all over the place but 360 owners claim it's false and just a few days ago someone said that all 360 games use 360s (uniquely upgraded i'd bet) as severs, whether it's P2P or not the sever is a 360 for some reason.
I REALLY want to know if that's true as it would explain the issue M$ is having with FFXIV Online and SE wanting all platforms to interact.
D4RkNIKON  +   1965d ago
I enjoy how after the article ends, and you know the FACTS, their is a link to buy the PS3 for $299. Just to give you a jump start. The article wasn't really flame bait either, it showed the pros and cons while clearing up rumors.
Dragun619  +   1965d ago
A good article, clears up the BS thrown at the PS3.
mrv321  +   1965d ago
Yeah but Sony's going to fail /sarcasm.

Well that's good, now everyone is clear we can all play and buy games we like and decide on how good they are based on how they are and not the platform.
mandf  +   1965d ago
Lame Article!
The 360 doesn't lead by 10 million systems. The writer should check his facts. I'm not very vocal about about this console war but when ff13 and gt5 drop say good by to your 1 year head start. I know a lot of you just started gaming this gen. You are fools to think that halo is the best selling game. The GT series sold more than halo 123, halowars ,forza 12,fable 12, gears of war12, and mass effect combined. You need to learn about the industry before you make up random facts. Sony was never doomed. Ms has a viral campaign going on since 2006 against sony to grab market share. Keep spewing the hate. Be gamer and play the games on all consoles before you hate a system.
thebudgetgamer  +   1965d ago
agreed and a bubble for you.
:)gaming truly is the greatest entertainment medium.
Double Toasted  +   1965d ago
At the same time though, are you the type of person...
to say Halo is milked? Have you ever said that?
iHEARTboobs  +   1965d ago
I think Halo's getting milked
At least right now. But I don't think the milk has turned sour just yet so they're ok.

edit: Oh and for the record, I liked Halo 3. Haven't played any others but the online was fun. Didn't get into the story though.
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Serg  +   1965d ago
It seemed like it was milked to me when we knew that Halo 3: ODST, Halo Wars, Halo Reach and Peter Jacksons Halo were all coming. That Halo anime, Halo the movie and the Halo Warthog RC cars just add to that.
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DARK WITNESS  +   1965d ago
ya, GT sold more.... over three generations and including the ps2 with it's 100 milllion + install base.

show me an exclusive shooter this gen that has sold as much as halo 3. or an exclusive shooter last gen that sold as much as halo 2.
Citizen_King  +   1965d ago

Great response.

I also had problem with one of the myths. He said that by the time Sony catches up to Nintendo, they will be in the next generation. Last time I checked, the tech determines what next gen is.If both Microsoft and Nintendo's next consoles are anything like the ones they have now, then Sony will be the only true next gen console.
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Jamescagney  +   1965d ago
If I was going to go with my experience on this site then I would have to label the average ps3 owner as a twat.

Luckily I know people who have a ps3 and don't act like garden variety fanboys, so I will let that preconception go.
Skynetone  +   1965d ago
dont let the fanboy wars get to you
it will soon be over
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shad0w70  +   1965d ago
If me & my friends wanna hook up on PSN for a little multi-player action, we all just fire up our 360's & use the XBL party chat feature while we are playing on PSN! No prob. ;)
Pixel_Addict  +   1965d ago
And the article ends with...
a big smack in the face to PS3 owners. It starts off giving good points (leaving out others) and then says "oooh poor PS3 owners don't get to play Halo or Mario!" PS3 owners 360 owners, Wii owners, pet owners want to play Kratos and Drake. PS3 owners don't need a whored out motocross spaceman and a fat plummer from Brooklyn.
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shad0w70  +   1965d ago
@ mandf
"The 360 doesn't lead by 10 million systems. The writer should check his facts. I'm not very vocal about about this console war but when ff13 and gt5 drop say good by to your 1 year head start. I know a lot of you just started gaming this gen. You are fools to think that halo is the best selling game. The GT series sold more than halo 123, halowars ,forza 12,fable 12, gears of war12, and mass effect combined. You need to learn about the industry before you make up random facts. Sony was never doomed. Ms has a viral campaign going on since 2006 against sony to grab market share. Keep spewing the hate. Be gamer and play the games on all consoles before you hate a system."


You may not have been very vocal in this console war but judging from your comment, you sure do fit right in here at N4Gamers! btw.. who's spewing hate?
playstation123  +   1965d ago
But psn isnt organize like
Xbox live is way better than psn though. And i know I am going to get a lot of disagrees. But really you get what you pay for xbox live really I wouldn't mind spending 50 bucks on ps3 to get interviews with developers and in game chat and universal in game music and alot of free Icons and themes.
Shadow Man  +   1965d ago
Welcome to my world
I being saying that every time Droids claim PSN was superior, but I got tire of repeating myself, so I gave up.
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Ninji  +   1965d ago
You get what you pay for?
So you're paying for XBL to get MORE ads and a laggy service (not to mention one that deletes your data in games like Halo Wars and gives you no compensation).

-Interviews with developers? PS3 has that plus they get questions from the fans to ask the developers and then they make a video of it (usually face to face or through video chat) and they put it up in the theater section of Home.

-In game chat? There is in-game chat but maybe you meant cross-game chat and PS3 has that too in the form of text chat but cross-game voice chat will be coming soon.

-Universal in game music? That's up to the devs. I never understood the appeal of listening to your own music while you play a game though. I would rather play the game with the music that the devs wanted in it and if I cared that much then I would just listen to my iPod or something as I play. Maybe xbots like blasting Linkin Park as they play a 2 year old shooter but that's not for me. The 360 fanbase is pretty much pre-teens anyways so I guess it appeals to them more.

-A lot of free icons & themes? I don't really see Microsoft's icons & themes being free. Sure, they have free themes & icons but it's usually because it's more ads from Nisan, Mountain Dew, or Wendys (with the rare occasion of them actually being game related). PS3 has free avtars and there will be premium ones soon and of course there will be themes that are animated but you can always make your own theme or download someone's theme for free.

So I guess the only thing XBL really has left is Twitter & Facebook (if you're a gold member anyways). Oh wait, that can be accessed for free with the PS3's web browser. The reason I haven't mentioned Netflix is because of the same reason, you can access better sites on the browser for free (not to mention Netflix has crappy VHS quality movies that buffer 15-20 minutes into the movie so I wouldn't say it's something to brag about).
likedamaster  +   1965d ago
It takes someone who's had all that Xbox live goodness...
...to notice the featureless ghost town that PSN really is. Makes paying $40 a year a non-issue.
shad0w70  +   1965d ago
@ Pixel_Addict
No.. all they need is silver haired, wrinkled up & chain smoking 60+ yr old Sam Fisher wanna-be with escalating back issues. ;)
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ZombieAutopsy  +   1965d ago
you hide your fanboyism very well /sarcasm
Corepred4  +   1965d ago
if my memory serves me right, snake came out first so how is he a wanna-be sam fisher?
kaveti6616  +   1965d ago
One myth about PS3 owners is that they are more mature gamers. I own a PS3, and I am very immature. Also, age does not always denote maturity level. I just want people to remember that because I have seen 30+ year-old people make big scenes at restaurants because they want Pepsi and the restaurant serves Coca Cola. And Josuttis is spreading rumors about how laggy XBL is. XBL is laggy for certain games, like Gears 2) but I have played XBL for 3 years and it's pretty reliable. I'm just saying that it depends on the games.
Arkham  +   1965d ago
Well, that's all c00l and crap, but "I'm just sayin'" you're a tard. Wuh da fuh were you trying to say? Stop typing and go back to Halo.
kaveti6616  +   1965d ago
Look at the comment above this one and you will see what I am talking about. It's a clear indication that the whole notion of PS3 gamers being more mature is a lie. Certainly, they may be older on average, but my contention is that people who play video games and love video games always maintain certain sense of immaturity. With immaturity you get one thing: a competitive nature. The poster above me decided to criticize me in a very rude fashion. I don't know why he did it. He also chose to end his comment by telling me to go back to Halo. This is his way of labeling me as his enemy. He considers me an Xbox loyalist or something, and thus he must insult me. Obviously, his poor spelling and grammar belie his immaturity. He is either a young gamer or an older gamer who never embraced his age. Nevertheless, my point has some more anecdotal evidence.
DARK WITNESS  +   1965d ago
@ kaveti6616

lol, thank you , you made my day man. bubble to you.
Arkham  +   1964d ago
The fact that you took my post seriously certainly says something about your bias. I was sarcastically writing down to your level. Harping on about how "PS3 gamers being more mature" is a myth definitely demonstrates that you spend too much time being preoccupied with this fan nonsense.

Your superficial analysis and hypersensitivity would be more appropriate in school cafeteria where you can debate the superiority of Halo over every other console FPS.

"Just sayin'."
kaveti6616  +   1964d ago
Your sarcasm would make much more sense if you had been replying to someone who actually fits the characteristics. I have a comment history, just like everyone else, and if you wish to know what kind of gamer I am, or what kind of person I am overall, you can divulge the facts by reading the comments that I have written. Never have I posted anything on this website that would make me out to be the type of person you have labeled me as. You are so quick to call out people, and all because of your own hypersensitivity about this stupid console war. You yourself must have gotten offended my original post, where I said that PS3 gamers weren't any more mature than other gamers. You yourself decide to jump the gun and post a "sarcastic" comment to "stoop down to" my level. What is my level by the way? Do I slobber over Halo, like you claim? Do you have any evidence of this? Did I post a comment that supports your claims?

Maybe you should stop being hypersensitive over this. You must have personally been insulted when I pointed out the reality of the situation. PS3 gamers are not any more mature than other gamers. They are just as quick to overreact and enter into arguments with complete strangers on the internet. And I'm not saying all PS3 gamers are like this, but on the list I do have there is me and now Arkham as well as a few others I have seen on here, notably Saaking, Nelson M, etc.
MajestieBeast  +   1965d ago
Shadow for what i know Solid snake was there before your 12 year old ass was even born. Kids these days so stupid they think gaming started with a xbox...

I haven't met a racist 12 year old on psn yet. Unlike that other service you pay 50 bucks for just to hear some kid scream in the mic or put on his sh*tty rap music.
#14 (Edited 1965d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
kaveti6616  +   1965d ago
I don't pay 5 bucks to listen to a racist 12 year old kid scream. I don't even pay for XBL anymore. But when I did pay for it, the only voices I heard on my headset were those of my friends. You know that argument that Xbox fanboys use about the PS3, about it having no games?
Yeah, that argument is old, right? Well, guess what? That argument about having to listen to 12 year old racists on XBL is not even valid. It's a non-issue. There's something that was invented a long time ago for televisions. You can access it on your remote. However, XBL also has a feature that goes by the same name. It's called the MUTE button. Yeah, I know. Mind-blowing, isn't it? Anyway, when you hear a 12-year old saying something offensive, you click on their name, and voila!!! There it is!!!. The MUTE BUTTON!!! And when you press it, those scary voices go away. If it seems like I'm condescending, it's because I am mocking you.

You know what I hate more than racists? People who spread misinformation.
iceman06  +   1965d ago
I TOO have.....
I TOO have a HUGE PENIS....my WIFE does too....oh dayum...too much sharing!!!*LMAO* This article was just plain FUN!!! That's the kind of stuff that I TRULY enjoy!!!
shad0w70  +   1965d ago
@ MajestieBeast
LMAO! I'm 39! your funny. ;)
#16 (Edited 1965d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
ZombieAutopsy  +   1965d ago
god i hope not you're a pretty big d-bag if you are. I understand that alot of people on this site are probally under 16 so it makes sense for them to post dumb arse comments all day long and think theyre right without even considering someone elses argument.
Serg  +   1965d ago
I'll be 54 in 2 months.

Actually I'm not 53, nowhere near that actually, but how would you know if I wouldn't tell. Throwing a random number at people and trying to pass it off as your age on the internet, is as credible as a Eurogamer PS3 exclusive game review.
#16.2 (Edited 1965d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MajestieBeast  +   1965d ago
Why would a grown man say something so stupid then? Are you Aaron Greenberg?
shad0w70  +   1965d ago
My comment being stupid is just a matter of opinion. I personally dont care who was around first, I was just adding on Pixel_Addicts comment.
SpitFireAce85  +   1965d ago
"Some Sony fans will claim that the 360 exclusives are not exclusives and can be played on the PC. Well those titles are still exclusive from the PS3, so there are still plenty of reasons to purchase a 360 or Wii. Now everyone hold hands, and sing some songs together. Can’t we all just get along?"

He is so wrong about this one SplinterCell conviction on PC.
Mass Effect 2 also on PC same sh!t with L4D2.And every one
knows that those games will be better on the PC.Plus you get
free DLC and you play for free no XBLive fee.And dont give me
that sh!t its exclusive when its on another platform aka a PC.
Same thing with the FF online thats on PC as well so its not PS3
glennc  +   1965d ago
this guy is an idiot. what a waste of time. some of his points gave the impression of uneducated opinions.

completely biased and just dumb.
patterson  +   1965d ago
Props to the author
Good to see an article explaining the differences in a non-biased manner.

Unfortunately it will fall on deaf ears.
Arkham  +   1965d ago
I really hate all-caps, but: FFS, PLEASE SEPARATE BLOGS FROM NEWS... This is blogeditorial crap.

I love my PS3 and all gaming, but ... regardless of the subject, this is *not* news.

HTF did this get approved? I hit N4G less and less because of 5h17 like this.
#22 (Edited 1965d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Perkel  +   1965d ago
yeah next "news" ? this is not a news for a christ sake !

or this is a STORY 4 GAMERS ...

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