Ghostbusters: 720p X360 Screens

GamersDigest writes;

"Namco Bandai have sent us a staggering 35 screenshots from the Xbox 360 version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game has been confirmed to release on the 360, PC, Wii, and DS on October 23rd in Europe.

The PS2 and PS3 versions released on June 19th thanks to Sony's timed exclusivity rights, a PSP version is also due with an 'autumn' release date."

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Gamer41113238d ago

I made the mistake of getting this on the PS3 back in June, still can't believe that it only had a 960x540 native resolution...

RedMist113238d ago

There was a patch to fix that, wasn't there?

Gamer41113238d ago

All the PS3 patch did was up the resolution from 960x540 to 1024x576.

It just doesn't compare to 1280x720, which is the native resolution on the 360 version.

Gregmonk3238d ago

meh, who cares, its a bad game anyways, not our fault they could not figure out how to tap the power of the Cell. Lazy davs are just that, Lazy Devs. If I want Ghostbuster, I will watch the movies.

Megaton3238d ago

Oh please, after playing the demo for this game I saw first-hand that this whole thing was being blown massively outta proportion. You'd think the game looked like a PS1 title by the level of criticism against the PS3 version.

y0haN3237d ago

And a few months back the devs said the X360 was holding them back LOL

trancefreak3237d ago

My 7 year old really liked the demo on ps3 I played both 360 and ps3 version demos I personally didnt like the game demo. Ill wait for a price drop and pick it up for my boy whe it hits the bargain bin.

FamilyGuy3237d ago

But it looked fine in it's (upscaled) 1080p form on my tv. The game was 540p native but it went straight to 1080p on my tv, skipping the 720p output that was also available altogether. I know the comparison people checked both at 702p but maybe they should seen what it looked like in 1080p as well, not that i'd know if it would make a difference.

coolfool3237d ago

When it's less than £10.

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frjoethesecond3238d ago

What's the point of this article. Ghostbusters was done to death on n4g when it came out.

Cronnie3238d ago

It is coming out next month in Europe, I guess they are releasing images to get interest up.

frjoethesecond3238d ago

Makes sense. Still think anyone who knows how to use the internet and want it on 360 woulda imported it by now.

peeps3238d ago

can't import 360 games i don't think? only ps3 games are region free

Aloren3238d ago

Lots of 360 games are region free actually, including Ghostbusters.

Raiden 4 isn't though... that sucks.

glennc3237d ago

i really hope it doesn't sell. withholding a game from a region is just plain wrong no matter what the sony fanboys say (and they would say it if it was the other way around... and so would i. from a console is fine but not a finished game delayed for specific regions.

i would have bought it

HolyOrangeCows3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

It's releasing in EU soon, I think.

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TheXgamerLive3238d ago

I could of sworn that I saw Walmart w/the Xbox 360 version out on shelves in June as well.

Anyways, the demo is fun and looks great, I may buy it, maybe. I kinda really really want Boardlands.

Cronnie3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

The 360, Wii and DS versions in Europe were delayed because Sony got timed exclusivity of the game there.

TheXgamerLive3238d ago

The display box for the upcoming, ha ha, shows just how interested I was in it, still i'll get it later this yr. And thanks Cronnie.

ry-guy3237d ago

The single player is a very tight, solid, and funny experience.

I'd strongly encourage at least a rental. You could bump out a complete run through in a weekend.

dirthurts3238d ago

and the last level was crazy buggy. The game normally ran at 60+fps but the final boss drug my rig down to single digits. HORRIBLE! They must have ran out of time.
This is from a rig that runs Crysis at max...
Pretty bad.
I suggest buying the 360 version.

PimpHandHappy3238d ago

roles were switched around and MS owned the rights to this name it would have never seen the light of day on anything other then PC and 360

and thats the truth

Sony doesn't play dirty

but anyway
the demo was stupid and i'll never play this game

NMC20073238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Sony Pictures and SCEA are different, just because they are both apart of Sony doesn't mean that they are at war with the same companies, doesn't Sony own Spiderman? That was on 360 as well and all other plats, so it doesn't matter if Sony owns movie rights, all SP wants is money, they do not care about video game wars.

Also, you don't think Sony and Microsoft work together outside of the game wars? I hope you do.

Morbius4203237d ago

The Spiderman analogy just reinterates his point. It's a Sony owned licsense but it's available on both systems. If it was owned by Microsoft it would have been a 360/PC exclusive as well.

Death3237d ago

Sony obtained the rights to the Marvel characters for the movie and DVD releases only. They do not own the character in any way and their licence has a time limit.

Ghostbusters the movies were obtained by Sony from Columbia in 1989. The intellectual property is owned by Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis and of course Sony. That is why Dan and Harold are still so close to the IP. Atari licensed the IP for video games, Sony was the publisher in Europe. Had Sony been the sole proprietor of the IP they most likely would have developed and distributed the game as a first party exclusive.


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